Wednesday, November 25, 2009

EVENT | 2009 World Pyrolympics


Contender 1: Germany

Germany’s approach to its fireworks display was quite disappointing for two reasons. First is the passé musical scoring, the kind you hear at the entrance of Star Wars and Superman. Well it was at first exciting with the beat and all, but the fireworks just didn’t match with the sound. Second, the fireworks had no order. It was like sent up the air randomly with no reason except to make it look like they are having a pyrolympics. There was just nothing you can get out of Germany’s exhibition. Actually, their performance looks a lot the common New Year celebrations of the Filipinos on New Year’s eve.

Contender 2: China

China was great I think because it was very dramatic from entrance to the end. They didn’t show immediately the surprises they have in store plus the fireworks were in synchrony. As expected, their performance is very reminiscent of the Beijing Olympics. They had a story, a dramatic one. As I watch the pyro techniques, I couldn’t but help imagine a story being weaved and the story I had in my mind was that of soldiers in battle fighting for their land. It was a picture of war, people died in the war. It was a sad story, and I cried. But in the end of it, the story had a cheerful promise as the pyro technique showed bright lights as if saying that the battle has been won. It was so dramatic one couldn’t help but remain in awe. I was all the while uttering, ‘Oh my God… that’s perfect’.


Never decide hastily 

On the way to the Fort, I had to wait for my friend who was late for an hour. Had to take the mrt and taxi to get to the venue. Knowing it was already late, we immediately bought tickets only to find out that it was useless and worthless since the fireworks can also be seen outside.

I told myself that mistakes like this should not happen again. I should not act in haste. As they say, haste make waste. So the next time I find myself in urgent situation, I need to assess first what can be the consequences of my actions. I don’t want to waste my resources just because I didn’t take the extra precautions.

Good thing somebody bought my tickets so I got my money back. 

What would you do with 50 million 

My boss kept asking what I would do with a 50 million. Well that made me think really what I would do with it. Guess I would invest I said to him. But he was just not convinced. As if he thought it’s not enough to invest in franchising among others.

But what really bothered me was the question ‘what am I to do with my future?’

I’m already 23, turning 24 next year with no concrete plans after graduation. I’m just so unsure of what I should do, whether to follow my dreams of studying in another Korea or be practical and start earning money for my family’s sake. But my dream is just so heavy it outweighs being practical. I know it sounds really selfish but this is my life and I won’t live this life again so I want to follow my heart. But if I do then so many will get hurt.

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