Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jogging in November

[Listening to John Mayer song]

My stomach really hurts badly, and I am worried I've hurt myself too badly I might have appendicitis. I just did the most stupid thing this morning, jogging after eating breakfast or was it jogging without having any sleep. Things I do to myself, sometimes I get surprised too. But I already called my friend Dazzle to ask about appendicitis and she said you don’t really get it from jumping after eating so I was kind of a relieved to hear that. She told me that the appendix is located just below the navel somewhere on the right side, diagonally from the navel. Perhaps, my body’s just aching from the strenuous jogging I did this morning.

Speaking of jogging, there are so many interesting observations I made today. I know no one’s going to be really interested to know but, today I decided to jog to loosen up some fat. I feel so heavy and stressed and I thought working out would do me some good. The problem is I didn't sleep the night before because I had to download this Korean movie entitled, ‘Antique Bakery ’. After downloading, I went back home watched the movie until sunrise. I was not going to jog anymore but then again I had to keep my promise to myself. I feel miserable failing on my promises so despite of my zombie-like status I changed clothes and went out. The only thing was that I felt hungry. I know that I’d get dizzy if I don’t feed myself anything before running so I decided to have breakfast with hotdog and egg. Then I proceeded to my plan. 

[Listening to Johannes Sebastian Bach]


The odd girl wearing Sunday dress

I’m sure it’s just Saturday but this odd girl obviously walking around the oval could have used some advice on what to wear when working out. I feel so uncomfortable seeing her walking around with earpieces on, wearing a dress as if she’s going to attend some sort of worship. Well, I suppose she might be a member of Iglesia ni Cristo so she decided that it’s inappropriate to wear shorts when walking for exercise. Plus, she was using her big cellphone as her earpieces on. I can’t even forget that she was donning a light-blue doll shoes. Well, who am I to judge her? It’s her life and whatever she feels comfortable, well that’s her decision. I just feel that common sense should be used all of the time.

The sexy gal with her ipod

When I jog, I don’t jog at once. I walk first as a warm up. So there I was walking, feeling the fresh air (except when the stupid jeepneys pass by) when this sexy girl cut in and as she passed by me, I smelt her seductive scent, the kind that makes you long to hold and embrace somebody.

Is this some kind of pheromone working over me?

I’ve longed believed that people have unique scents and this attracts certain people. There are scents that are attractive to the general and some just wards off somebody else. The point is, human scent is important to attraction. Even if the person doesn’t look so handsome or pretty, if the scent is right, it can still be an asset one can use for his advantage. That is the reason these days I am finding the right scent for me. I have two scents matching my chemistry. One is BULGARI and another is SEDUCTION CALVIN KLEIN. I am just saving up to buy them and start attracting people and eventually success.

So the story of the sexy girl doesn’t end there. She got ahead of me, but in time I reached her and actually got over her. Pity though coz I wasn’t able to see her face. I just remember that she was wearing tight white training shirt (I don’t know how to call this) and black shorts showing her white legs. Wow, really seductive in the morning.
Dog shit all over

In the province, it doesn't bother me to see shit in the morning when I go outside. After all, provincial dogs are just meant to loiter and nobody cares. You step on one of those shits, you’ll curse the owner and that ends there. But here in Manila, especially the academic oval, when you start seeing shit on joggers’ lane then there’s something wrong in the picture.

The joggers’ lane was made for joggers and bikers. To stroll dogs in an area designated for people is what really makes people shit. What I am ranting here is not just about dog shit but common sense. You don’t really have to be a genius to figure out that dogs do their thing just anywhere and at anytime. Thus, to take them in a place where people try to relax and have a good morning, what these dog owners do is to simply bring joggers down seeing shit on the road, worse- stepping on them. It would have been okay if these dog owners would clean their mess, but no, they just act as if leaving their pet’s shit behind for other people to see is the most normal thing in the world.

Filipinos are like that. They don’t want to be responsible for their acts. They just do what they like to do, when nobody’s looking then they just leave everything to somebody else expecting somebody else would do things for them like simple throwing of their trash, falling in line properly, arriving on time, doing job responsibly, etc. When will we ever learn.
The cute guy with sunglasses

This morning I was asking myself why Filipinos just can’t help from poking their noses at other peoples’ business, like I was going to the jogging area wearing my jogging attire and well I felt people staring at me. Is that what they do all of the time, I ask myself, sit and watch people? I just hated the feeling, but just before I started cursing these people, I found myself staring at this guy wearing sunglasses while jogging. ‘Ikaw na ang may sunglass (Yeah right you’re wearing sunglasses)’ I told myself, not realizing that I was also exhibiting the Filipino poking attitude. Really stupid of me. Anyway, guided by my guts I seriously thought that I’ll be crossing paths with this cute again since he was jogging the opposite way and we’re bound to meet again in the oval. But I was really disappointed when I didn’t see him again. So lousy of a man to quit after not even one round I think. Well, at least he made my day. I feel good when I see beautiful people jogging. It makes me feel that I am not left far behind in terms of appearance since jogging can make me look as hot as them.

It’s already 3am, and I feel a little exhausted now. Tomorrow, I’m sure I am not going to jog. I just need to take a rest.

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