Sunday, January 3, 2010

JOURNAL | New Year’s Resolutions 2010

Start of the year 2010, year of the white tiger, definitely my year and I can feel that to my bones. I know this will be a good year for me. So to start off this new year, I have come up with a list of my resolutions in order of their importance.

A. Prepare two hours before appointments. 
B. Should be 15 minutes early for appointments. 
C. Manage and organize time wisely. 
D. Do not say ‘yes’ to everything. 
E. Prioritize important things. 
F. Do not procrastinate, do what should be done quickly. 
G. Do not be perfectionist. 
H. Move faster. 
I. Don’t oversleep. 
J. Remember appointments. 
i. Keep a note of important meetings such as time and place. 
ii. Do not cancel meetings on the day itself. 
iii. Check schedule everyday. 
iv. Remember events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

2. FOCUS.  

A. Do not let things disturb me. 
B. If there’s something that needs to be done, attend to it first. 
C. Do not do things unless needed.

3. SAVE.

A. Deposit at least 2 thousand pesos every month to my passbook. 
B. Do not go to bars anymore. 
C. Buy cheaper items. 
D. Don’t ride taxi. 
E. Don’t call on cellphone. 
F. Don’t make too much laundry, the heavier it gets the more expensive. 
G. Don’t eat in fastfoods. 
H. Don’t watch movies more than twice a month.  

Boss told me to make saving with a purpose, like why I am saving. And that got me into thinking, why am I indeed saving? I guess I just wanted to have two passbooks this year so I can save lots of money. How much? Last year, I planned to save 100,000 but I couldn't so I think this year I can make it 50,000. I really hope. But why? Well, I want to go back to Korea and start a new life there maybe as a student again as I have been planning for quite some time. There's actually no stopping this time since I have already announced this to most people I know. It is only through God's will now if I am leaving the country or not.

A. Keep working. 
B. Work harder. 
C. Remember to work and work to earn money for a new apartment.

5. HEALTH.  

A. Exercise every weekend (if possible, enroll in a gym). Summer's gonna be here soon and that's beach time, so I need to make my body big by that time.

B. Eat healthy foods (more veggies, less meat).

C. 6 hours of sleep. 

A. Find a good job, a high-paying job. Any job so long as big salary.   

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