Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Whenever I'm in Starbucks, all the cells in my brain start running like crazy that I can finish all the important deadlines I have, the catch is, it's very expensive to study in Starbucks plus the coffee makes me want to puke already. I've had enough coffee in a day and one more grande todau would surely make me go nuts. Add to that the fact that I always have to contend with teaching somebody in the wee hours of the morning makes me want just lie in bed and dream that this is not happening to me. I have been feeling stessed, too stressed now and I don't know how much of this I can still take. I have no idea until where would my sanity keep hanging. But there never is enough option for me. Now I am considering of working in a cruise ship, leave the country and start anew, earn money, buy a house, and then a car, start a food business, buy a house, and maybe settle down. I'm not getting any younger now, I'm already 24 this February and I just want set things right for me. But definitely, I'm ruling out another Starbucks. I'm feeling numb now; my cheeks getting paler by the second; and the eyes are almost closing now. But there are still 11 more recordings to finish, each requiring three hours so that makes it 33 hours (more than one day to finish everything) but I know GOD will be here for me. He never desserted me. Never. God will be here for me. I am firm about that. As I have said before, God has put me through tougher times and I always survive them. This one won't be an exemption. The only enemy I have now is myself. I shall conquer myself.

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