Monday, February 15, 2010




105 Unit E & F Scout Castor corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Interior/Exterior (Rate : 5/10)  
The exterior of the restaurant was quite unappealing for people looking for a sophisticated restaurant. It looked like a cheap bistro from the outside. The façade was made out of ordinary housing material (the kind you’ll see in ordinary houses), with a gate which leads you inside the restaurant. The door by the way was so old it gets stuck so you have to pull it to close. 

The lighting was just appropriate though, incandescent bulbs to look cozy were used both in the ground and second floor. The place was not as spacious as one would expect from an Italian restaurant. The tables and chairs were not of good quality. I must say that the chairs especially made of wood were not as classy. They were also using plastic flowers in each table (plastic, for a restaurant).

Service (Rate: 2/10)  
The service of the restaurant is sadly depressing. It is as if the waiters were not trained properly to serve in a restaurant. Customers were not treated with much care. To wit, orders were not taken properly and took a long time to serve when it was said by one of the waiters that it only takes 7-10 minutes. I think it took more than 20 minutes to serve our food. Water was not even served immediately, we had to ask for them, and the waiter was so occupied I think that we had to repeat they bring us four glasses (as they bring one glass every time). The free bread also took a long time, everything was slow in this restaurant.

Food/Price (Rate: 4/10)  
Food was moderately okay but I seriously think that they could use some improvement. They pose as an Italian restaurant so I think they have to live with the name. I am not an expert on food but I think the food was not of quality standards. The pizza also was lacking something, but I cannot explain what as I am not familiar with pizzas.

As for the price, considering the quality of the food we ate, I think was not worth it. One order of pasta costs 300-400; pizza is 300-400; appetizers 300-400.

Customers (Rate: 8/10)  
Couples were in the restaurant during our visit, there were also some family groups there. They were of upper to lower middle class customers whose ages ranges from early twenties to late thirties.

Location (Rate: 4/10) 
The location was a bit unstrategic. It is found in the corner of the busy Tomas Morato, near other specialty restaurants like Spanish, Chinese, etc. There were also some cafes and bars nearby. 


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