Friday, February 12, 2010

The not so much of an interview at Citibank

I'm not really so keen on getting back to Citibank's jstressful arms, but this one interview I had to attend today really made my eyebrows raise with all that has happened.

First HIT: PB COM Tower, Very Far Tower
When you are wearing long sleeves you feel very smart and poised. I know coz I felt that way, and I said to myself, nothing can go wrong when you look smart and poised. But no, it was horrible at the start. The stupid HR caller told me to go to PB Com Tower for an interview, go to 11th floor she said. I don't usually make mistakes with appointments because I always verify.  So I went there, half expecting that the place was only near but to my horror, it was farther than I expected. I had to take a long extra mile and the sun was scorchingly hot that time I was dripping like a faucet, my new long sleeves all soak with sweat and my hair was a mess. In short, I look awfully lousy when I got that stupid PB Com. What made this epic adventure even worse was the security guard was of no help at all and won't stop budging me to register seeing that I am still composing myself. Damn that guard. I hate her.

Second HIT: Wrong floor, what the f@#k
Okay, I got to the elevator, me still sweating and I got so conscious as I felt people's eyes were darting on me. When I got to the 11th floor, WAM (special effects) it was a Chinese Office something there and no Citigroup to be found. Okay c'mon I told myself, I'm really not that stupid to be in the wrong place. So to make the long stupid story short, I got down again and had to look at the directory just to find Citigroup office at 2306, what 2306? So I had to confirm where 2306 is, and turned out it was on the 23rd floor.

Third HIT: Snob guard, you know you have your day!
I'm so annoyed by this stupid interview I kept pestering the guard on questions he couldn't answer and only had quinted eyes as answer to me. It was go-back-to-your-seat look and I didn't want to push my luck on this stupid guard as I won't get anything from him.

Fourth HIT: KEVIN, you are cute but sadly, RUDE
I was staring at the poster at the door and this cute guy caught my eyes. He was good-looking and I assumed kind also, but guess what, of all the people in the office, it was the good-looking guy who had to interview me and turned out to be an impatient man. He was so impatient he won't even listen to what I was saying, and only has rebuttals for me. So being snobbish by nature, I answered him with things he was not expecting. How much is your expected salary he said, I answered beyond their capacity. Would I be willing to give up my current job, I said yes in an unconvincing manner. He said he'll just email me if I pass, but dear oh dear, would I be waiting for the email. I don't think so.

Albeit negative experience from Citibank BPS, I learned some few important lessons:
1. Be early for your appointment. Give ample time to get familiar with the place so as not to stress yourself looking for places.

2. Bring extra clothes, as you might be so tired from your power suite and want to feel normal.

3. Bring food also, something to munch for the interview. Interviewers are insensitive they forget you are also human who need to eat especially during lunch breaks. (Don't you just hate them for keeping you!)

4. Always smile to the interviewer even if he is rude (though I must say cute).

5. Make sure that things are prepared the night before (e.g. resume, shoes, slacks, bag) and clip your nails so they won't look as if you couldn't afford nail cutter.

6. Don't eat spaghetti when wearing power suites. They will stain your precious new 650 suite.

7. Use an appealing perfume to attract men and women and make them like you. I suggest Calvin Klein or Bulgari. (I am yet to buy those)

8. Never go to the endings of the MRT. There are so many people jampacked there.

9. To potential company, lower salary expectation. To crappy ones, make it high so they won't bother calling you again.

10. Make people notice you. To potential company, make it a positive show-off. To crappy ones, bother them with questions until they get fed up from you.

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