Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random thoughts

Well, here I go again with my random thoughts. I'm supposed to work on some office files but I'm not yet in the mood. I just wantt o relax and jot down these thoughts... what thoughts? I don't really think I have much right now but there are some things that are really bothering me now. 

Opening up of a restaurant
What does it mean when your Korean boss suddenyly asks you to sit down and talk about ideas on starting a restaurant business? I'm not jumping into any conclusions here but it is possible that my boss might ask me to start a business venture with him, with me being the manager. What am I thinking? I don't really know anything about business and managing. I loathe the idea of starting a business and getting stuck with its management. I just don't see myself in that kind of environment. But then again, putting two and two together, it seems that God has a plan for me. I asked God to make an instrument of change on this planet but if get stuck in one place then how can I carry out that mission? 

Interview at Citibank
Yes, tomorrow though I really do not like it since I do not intend to work in any call center company, I am giving it a shot and see what this company has to offer. Therefore, I had to buy some new corporate clothes. This  afternoon I went to SM North to find some good long sleeves for me. They were quite expensive but I have been prepared for that. There are three brands which I liked a lot from the shops- Attitudes, Par Excellence, and Umberto (I'm not sure, but if I see it then I'll remember). They have slim fit sizes that really fitted me well, and I just so loved them. The only thing is I had to choose the best one that would make me stand out from the crowd, and at the same time make me look smart and sharp. I'm quite excited to wear this tomorrow and see what happens in the interview. I just have to remember to use the right perfume, and oh yes buy the mouth wash.

Climb at Mt. Banahaw
In my province, there is a special mountain where people climb for several reasons. They say that this mountain is a mystic one and miracles happen there. I am skeptic about this but I'm giving this one a shot too. I want to know what happens in this mountain. Actually, the reason why I want to climb this mountain is because it's my birthday. I want to wish something from God and a small sacrifice like this hopefully can make God grant me my wish. What that wish is, I'll tell once it is granted. 

Scholarship for Masteral 
This one last point for tonight is what's keeping me occupied for the longest time. I am halting between two opinions whether to continue this plan or not considering that my parents are needing some help to send my siblings to school. I don't want to blame anyone for what has happened to my family because that is useless now, but I know that my parents cannot make my other siblings go to school anymore. It is now on my shoulders to take up this responsibility but at the same time, I also have my own plans and dreams. They depend on me too much I think sometimes they are so selfish, and I hate them. But I am still thankful to God because at least even if they keep making me feel miserable, they are still there, alive. This afternoon, I was talking to a fellow teacher here in the office when she mentioned about this guy whose father died and had to earn a livijng for the family. I hope he accepts the job offer here. I want to know him more.

I think that's all for tonight.

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