Monday, February 15, 2010

TRAVEL | Talk About Some Bar Hopping on a Saturday Night

I'm not sure I have already posted this or not, but in any case. Here it is again.
Feeling like it was long overdue, me and my roommates Ryan and Jojit decided to go out tonight and have some fun at some of the hottest places in the metro. We’ve decided to try Metrowalk since I’ve never visited the place yet. So after a long discussion over dinner with Mami D, Dolly, and Myra we’ve finally agreed that it is Metrowalk.

Quotable Quote 1:
Dolly: Wag lang maitim… (Just not black, with sexual insinuations)

Dressed Up

As the experienced member of the excursion team, I told them to dress up since the place would surely be filled up with socialites and it’s embarrassing to look like trash when we mingle with them. Everybody donned their party outfit for the night and even Mami D wore make up and stilettos for the occasion. Although Ryan wore slippers which would later prove to be a spoiler.

Quotable Quote 2:
Ryan: Mami Di, san ba ang sayawan?

Taxi challenge

Since we were six, it wasn’t easy to hail a taxi and make the driver agree to a six-passenger setting. So in the end, we ended up taking two taxis.

Quotable Quote 3:
Ryan: Ikaw Dolly ang pumara ng taxi…

Lost at the corner

And so arriving at the corner of Meralco Avenue and Julia Vargas, the convoy carrying Ryan , Dolly and Myra could not be found. It was because Ryan got off far from Metrowalk so they had to walk for a few minutes.

Quotable Quote 4:
Mami D: (on the phone) Hello, andito kami sa tapat ng Caltex

Ryan’s way- not the easy way

We were walking towards Metrowalk when Ryan suddenly crossed the street and went to the other side of the road. Thinking that he knows the way to Metrowalk, we followed him but much to our regret, he was more clueless than us. Ended up walking the extra mile to get to Metrowalk proper.

Quotable Quote 5:
Mami D: Nakaka-asar itong si Ryan eh…

Crowd was not bad

Well I think Metrowalk isn’t exactly my cup of tea as people from all walks of life teemed the place. It was so crowded we couldn’t find any place to sit and enjoy.

Mugen – the first bar

We saw this cool looking bar, fresh with foreign people so we decided to have it a go. Since the place was also jam packed, we had to remain standing for the next hour or so. And even as we left the place, no seat was available. Although I must say that I enjoyed the place but would have very much liked to dance.

Quotable Quote 6:
Mami D: Ganito, labas tayo tapos balik tayo dito bilang may tatak naman tayo… (Mami D, scheming how to save money)

The Decade – that never was

Second bar, we were almost to enter when we learned that Ryan could not get inside because he’s wearing slippers. We were so frustrated that Mami D kept on blaming Ryan for what happened. But since we cannot do anything about it, we decided to transfer to another bar instead.

Quotable Quote 7:
Myra: Kung may baggage counter lang sana, inihabilin na muna natin si Kuya Ryan

Quotable Quote 8:
Mami D: Ah, kahit magbayad ako ayos lang (Going inside the bar)

Pier 1 : The despicable service

And so they have the guts to call it a bar when their staff won’t even assist us. We just wanted to order some beer and wanted our messy table cleaned but no they just ignored us as if we don’t exist. For that we DON’T RECOMMEND this bar to anyone.

Quotable Quote 9:

Mami D: Ryan wag mo muna ako kakausapin bukas dahil baka galit pa ako sa yo.

Libis – The Bedroom, Dencio’s and Something Fishy

Okay, now on our second destination for the night.

Originally we planned to go to Bedroom, have some more fun but Mami D was already hungry. And so we decided to eat, went to Dencio’s. But then again, because we decided not to go to Bedroom anymore since it’s really late we just ate an early breakfast at Something Fishy.

Quotable Quote 10:
Allan: Nakakaturn-off ang babae kapag… 
Mami D: Nakaka-turn off ang lalaki kapag naka tsinelas na pupunta sa bar. 
Ryan: Bah… 
Mami D: Sige ma-guilty ka.

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