Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Blues

Red should be the color of this occasion but I think blue suits me better. I don't have anyone to spend this Valentines with, hahaha (sarcastic tone). But it's really not my concern right now. I'm going to Tomas Morato tonight to have some dinner with my loves, my friends that is. We're having Italian for tonight and I'm going to report later what's going to happen.

I have not have enough sleep yet as I went to bed at 5am and could not even remember how I ended there. Last thing I recall, I was in front of the computer doing my paper works and the next thing I know it's already 10am and my computer is open which I remembered turning off (yeah, that was the last thing I was doing before I went to bed). 

And what are the agenda for today, let me see, well yeah the dinner tonight is one. There's also my paper work to be finished tonight also. That's pretty much about it. I just got worried about my horoscope saying that my moon is quite sinister this week. I don't believe in horoscope though.  Okay, so I think I need to go now. Till tonight!

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