Friday, March 26, 2010

UP Memory 1: Palma Hall on a Rainy Monday

Today is the start of 30-day countdown to graduation and I promised myself (without faltering) that I would post some good/bad memories I've had in my university, after all, I spent almost 6 years here and leaving this place is a move that would definitely give me reason to be sad (even just a little). So here goes the first memory, and hopefully I can keep this up until the 30th.

I remember the first day I set foot on the infamous grounds of the University of the Philippines Diliman. It was rainy that day. My parents drove me all the way here,  an hour or so drive from C-5 (a very place place) which served as my abode for three months. It was June indeed and the sky couldn't cove that up when the clouds are all dark blue and the air heavy all the while raining. I ran to the nearest building, Palma Hall, after saying goodbye to my parents. I was nervous and excited at the same time. This was my dream and I am living that dream. I never thought I'll be able to study in this University.

Photo 1. Palma Hall Steps (also called AS steps which stands for Arts and Sciences. This building used to house the Arts and Sciences majors until new buildings were constructed.)

I remember vividly, my first class was Geog 1 with Professor Lou Ann Ocampo. It was on the second floor and not many students were in the classroom then. It was too early. I sat on one of the chairs, observing. My friend Sarah came and I was only too relieved. Finally, someone to talk to. Turned out that first day of class, professor didn't attend. So Sarah and I just walked around and ate at CASAA (the building canteen). After this, I can't remember what else happened. I just knew that I attended all the other classes and in the afternoon, met our house helper in Philcoa where we took a bus (the rain still falling) and went back home to my new boarding house.

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