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SPA REVIEW | (Defunct) City Lifestyle Spa and Fitness Center Review

As of November 17, 2011, this Spa has closed down. I have only visited this spa once, and as you will read in this review, the place was already on its brink of closure which actually did. Equipment was already dilapidated and cheaper spa's have emerged over the years. Most of the masseuses and masseurs have been transferred to some nearby Spa's.

Rating : 

Therapist.................................  7 / 10
Facilities.................................. 2 / 10
Price........................................ 3 / 10

Overall - FAILURE

Last July 24, after watching INCEPTION at SM North, I decided to go to a spa and have some massage because I felt so stressed and I thought a massage could help me relax.

I had three choices that night- Premier City Club in New Manila (which I just discovered changed it's name to something else), City Lifestyle and New York Spa (the last two both in Tomas Morato). 

I learned valuable lessons when going to a spa on this day. First, always know until when the spa is open. I went to Premier City Club knowing it's cheaper at around midnight but it was already closed. Second lesson, always make sure that when you get to a spa, you have enough time to spend in it. Spa is not cheap so you better make the most out of it. In any case, I had to go to the next best thing and that's the spa in Tomas Morato. So from New Manila to Tomas Morato it took me half an hour. Not only did I waste money but also time. When I got in Tomas Morato, it was already 12:30 and I still had to look for New York Spa (since City Lifestyle has a big signage you can't miss it). New York Spa however has this small signage outside the building across Padi's Point, and New York Spa that time was also closed. So there I was running to City Lifestyle. Although it's almost 1am and the shop will close at 2am, I still went in. 

So here comes the real review of City Lifestyle:

The building is big and there's the air of luxury. However, when you get inside the locker room, well I don't really care about the locker room so long as things are safe and they use padlocks with the cabinets by the way (rather cheap looking). I had to use the toilet first. What I noticed was that the floor was so dirty, there was no tissue in each cubicle. I had to find tissue somewhere else. When I got into the shower area, the place was almost closing. No people anymore (but I thought that was better for me). The shower area was so depressing. The shower nozzles are so weak and heater doesn't function. There's no shampoo and soap too. You have to ask from the personnel. 

There were three pools in the shower area. Two cold pools and one hot. There are also faucets you can use to scrub yourself I think. The sauna were big. There were three big rooms for sauna. After the shower, I had to rush to the fourth floor and have the massage since it's quarter past 1am and they're closing at 2am. This experience really makes me laugh. Imagine there's no more people inside and I am the only one.

The masseur was a big guy with heavy hands I should say. Every stroke was so painful but I had to endure since my body is painful to begin with so a little pain would not be a problem. But the pain was really not little. As I write this, my calves are still aching. Maybe next time (but I doubt whether I'll still come back there), I should ask the therapist to be more gentle.

The price was a bit costly for the service plus you have to pay some tip. But I think I shall charge that to experience. 

All in all, I think the masseur was well-trained. I had a good massage. Not exactly relaxing but at least it made my blood circulate better.

Facilities-wise, I don't think it's worth the money you pay.

Better try another spa other than City Lifestyle.

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