Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At 1am

Almost 1 am.

I am forcing myself to write something though there's really nothing to write about. But yeah there's one thing that keeps bothering me, "HOW IN THE WORLD CAN JESSICA ZAFRA SLEEP 8 HOURS A DAY?"

Jessica Zafra (someone I look up to in the field of writing)
Source: http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Jessica_Zafra

Well she said it herself. She sleeps enough but she's able to write all these brilliant composition which I think would take me days to finish. How can she ever do that> It's so unfair when I can only sleep for 3-4 hours a day. Wish I can really do that. These days, that wish to sleep early has become an obsession to me. It's almost 1 am now and I intend to sleep at that time. Well the other night I slept at 1:30am so I guess half an hour earlier would really be an achievement.

Just some things to finish tonight and I can go to bed and hopefully catch that much needed zzz's. Just have to fix my schedule for tomorrow. Ahh, the agony of scheduling. I was never like this, so particular about time. I was a happy go lucky person before but I can't do that anymore. It's so expensive to be so carefree and that's one thing I can't afford.

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