Sunday, August 1, 2010



Just can't help but write this review as thoughts from this movie kept running in my head the entire night.

The movie (directed by Aureus Solito) is divided into four sections namely: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. Each section has its story, character and issues to resolve. As the sections insinuate, the characters playing are in relation to their high school level inside PISAY, the science school in the Philippines where the brightest students in science are studying. Each section is linked to each other, all dealing with socially relevant issues occurring during the Martial Law 1980s.


I guess what made this movie truly impressive to me is that I can relate to it. I applied to PISAY also when I was in high school and thank God I didn't pass. I can only imagine what could have happened to my life if I was accepted. As seen in the movie, students were pushed really hard to be on the top of their classes. However some students (which would definitely include me if I were there) were having some difficulty keeping up with the demands of the school whether academically or through principle.

All in all, I loved the movie as I learned valuable lessons from it.

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