Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PNP Picture Taking at Quirino Grandstand Bus Hostage Taking

Sense of respect is universal, 
but some people just didn't learn this value while growing up.

Is it cultural difference that could explain how some Filipinos can be so insensitive in the face of a serious international setback. The policemen could have forgotten how their action can affect the families of those who perished in this senseless bloodshed. Or maybe their brains have already been so busted from all the pressure they're facing now.

(Above) PNP in action. (Below) Naive students from Pluto!

Now the Chinese people are aggravated but this display of disrespect to those who have been involved.

Personally I think, these policemen have just crossed the line and should apologize most especially to the families of the victims. I bet if one of their kins have been a victim, they would also feel the same way as these Hong Kong people do.

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