Monday, August 30, 2010

TRAVEL | Tagaytay Outing - Part 3 ZIPLINE


Thinking it was exciting, we eagerly tried the ride... only to be disappointed

Ziplining is the act of crossing a ravine suspended in air by a zipline. The ride costs 200 (which is higher than Enchanted Kingdom’s rides). Thinking it was exciting, we eagerly tried the ride. There are two options with the ride- one way and two way. One way, you cross and don’t come back. Two way, you’ll come back. But seriously it was not worth the money. The one way is too boring enough. You won’t feel any excitement. Plus, the fact that the people there are taking photos for P100. Imagine, just one photo for a hundred bucks. Simply laughable. 

Zipline Fee - One way: P200; Two way: P400; Photo: P100 (Not worth it, charge to experience)

You'll be ziplining to the other end of the ravine and that's it.


Don't choose the two way if you don’t want to waste money. The photographs are not worth the pay too.

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