Sunday, November 7, 2010

Upside Down Cup

Last night, I dreamt about a cup. My cousin was asking for her cup which I cannot understand why because I saw in my dream that it was exactly where the cup was supposed to be.

The dream changed into something that I was so nervous about being late for some sort of appointment (which for some reason I felt was regarding a test/exam or interview). Due to time constraint, I wore my clothes clumsily and that's how my father told me to "improve" (this was the exact word he used) myself.


I just searched from the net the meaning of the cup, and it says there that an empty cup meant spiritual emptiness. 

It was Sunday yesterday and I failed to go to Church and I think this is the reason why my consciousness is haunting me. The father in my dream didn't look anything like my father but I felt he was my father. This father was so calm and composed, and was sitting in my dream. 

I may have a follwo up dream about this so I'm writing this down for the record.

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