Friday, December 31, 2010

EVENT | Filipino New Year Celeb is All About Food

The new year, 2011 has finally come. A new beginning for everybody and this year I hope things become better for everybody. 2010 wasn't that bad at all but I just hope the new year ushers in brighter hope.

Anyhow, for this blog let me introduce the Filipino way of celebrating the new year. For Filipinos, aside from the century old tradition on lighting firecrackers which is believed to drive away evil spirits, a much more important practice is well- to eat. Filipinos' penchant for food is really amazing and since I am a Filipino I can say I have inherited the gene. It's sinfully pleasurable to indulge if food is served in front of you. The problem is, Filipino dish is really unhealthy. But I've got tomorrow to go jogging anyway and burn those calories.

My Top Five 2010 Christmas Photos

TOP 5. Birthday celebration of my dad in Lucena City. 

(In the photo are my sister and brother) Wearing New York 101 T-shirt courtesy of Jake (이태겸)

TOP 4. StandbyEnglish Christmas party at Porkee's Quezon City.

Wearing UP Diliman Jacket. Photo by Laila Jane Vargas

TOP 3. Palaisdaan barkada Christmas celebration

Wearing Polo class A shirt. Photo by Kathrina Inciong

TOP 2. Overnight at JP Cledera's house

(In the photo is friend Mellany Plopino) Photo by Dixon Lagrama

TOP 1. Hangout with family

Wearing Bench bodyfit tee. Photo by Ayana Zahra Abdula

TRAVEL | Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Tayabas Quezon

Celebrating the Christmas season with my friends back in the countryside we decided to hit a native restaurant located in Tayabas Quezon Province. The place is called KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN. I've been visiting this place ever since I was a child. My parents and I used to frequent this place and even back then, I've very good memories of this place. Before, we can even fish here for fun. The "Tilapia" (St. Peter's fish) is simply infamous in this place and I would definitely recommend this place to all who wants to experience honest to goodness Tilapia. I bring my foreign friends here once in a while and they are satisfied.

It's me on a floating bamboo cottage
 The problem though is that with so many people visiting the place, going here on a holiday is not a good idea who are patience-ly challenged. The service is truly slow it took the waiters to clean our table one hour. IMAGINE, one hour just for cleaning the table. Took TWO HOURS before food was served. We arrived in the place at 12:30 pm and we were able to eat at around 2pm. The running joke among us is that if you want to eat lunch in PALAISDAAN then you better get there at breakfast.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

TRAVEL | Porkee's, Quezon City

Still in Quezon City (seems my life has been all about this city lately), my fellow teachers decided to celebrate the company's post Christmas party in PORKEE's BAR located in Quezon City.  Anyway I realized that when going to a bar, I better equip myself with a very important weapon- complete lyrics of a song. I had to sing FAITHFULLY in this bar without knowing the exact lyrics I ended up shooting lyrics here and there. But it was fun though. Next time really I would be prepared.

Photo with band's vocalist. We had a duet singing "The Closer I Get to You" and yes I did the female part. I will upload the video later.

PORKEE's a typical bar with a live band playing updated pop music (the lead singer was singing Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" when we entered).

TRAVEL | Starbucks, TechnoHub Philcoa; Don Antonio, and Convergy's

Starbucks Philcoa while looking at an expensive water jug

So here comes 2011, and I'm wordless. Funny I'll be sitting in front of my computer at a time like this when I'm supposed to be out and having fun. But then again, I am better off without me spending too much since I have to save money for this rainy days to come (figuratively!).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To write more

I've been thinking really hard how I can write more efficiently in my blogs. Lately I've been so busy with all the work here in the office I couldn't find time to sit back and write. Of course I know that writing should not be taken for granted.

Well lately I've been into posting good videos in the net and I just hope some people visiting this blog would find it worthwhile to listen to this videos as well. But seriously I am going to write more interesting topics this 2011 (hello advertisers, are you listening???) Hahaha... it's not really about earning money but the satisfaction of improving my writing skills. I feel my writing skills has declined big time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Just Had Sex

Couldn't help but laugh when I watched this vid. Wahahaha.. I wish sex was this simple not minding STD and HIV, whew that would have been perfect. But of course in reality these are things we have to think about. Anyway the ending was hilarious... I wonder what Katty Perry would be thinking...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Story of Growing Old

This video surely made me cry when I saw it. Somehow it touched me and made me think how my wonderful my future will be if I grow old with someone whom I can really just talk to, and have fun. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Remember When?

I just had to remove the video I posted yesterday since Youtube decided that I have infringed upon some copyright booboo.. anyhow will try to upload the video here in blogspot later.

Friday, December 17, 2010

LIFESTYLE | Extreme Fitness Gym


Equipment : 9 / 10
Location : 8 / 10
Personnel : 8 / 10
Clientel : 8 / 10

(My fitness trainor, Teacher Francis Chua on the left side)

This has been long overdue. I have started going to the gym since August and I only felt the urge to write this about the gym I go to.

First of all, the gym is near my office so it's very convenient for me.

I go there like thrice a week, which according to my fitness consultant is the ideal schedule since the body should not be overworked out.

Facilities wise, the equipment is good. Most of the things there are newly purchased and offers a variety of machines for different body targets.

Speaking of body target, my original target is to reduce my fattening belly and develop my abs. But lately I observed that my chest is developing too so I kinda like touching my chest when it's inflated (sounds like a balloon).

But nowadays, i have to focus on the marathon that I have to join come July 2011. So most of the time I'm just running/jogging on the treadmill.

I'm still deciding whether to change my workout plan since summer will come first and I would love to bask in the sun with superb bodies. Not exactly the muscular type but just the toned one and I know I can achieve that.

There aren't many people in the afternoon so I choose to go to the gym this time.The gym is on the third floor of  a not so big building. Just before you get to the workout area, there's a studio conducive for yoga and dancing.

In the workout area, there are four treadmills (one is dysfunctional), two bicycles, and two ellipticals.

There are also leg extension machines, weights, dumbels, barbels, etc.

There are two toilets. One locker is for the boys. There's no locker room for girls.

The gym personnel are also very nice. They are always ready to assist when you need help.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Intraspection Again

I'm not really sure what to write for now. My mind's so blank from all the important things I have to finish this week. Well today I was able to finish my recommendation letters and that's something that made me happy despite the fact that I wasn't able to attend to my job interview. These days sleep has become so important to me that sometimes I wish I can just stay in bed as much as I want- which I can't do of course.

Things to write about in the near future:

1. My 2011 resolution in comparison with 2010 (What has been achieved- so somehow an evaluation check)... let me just remind myself that I need to put the readers in mind when I do this. I sort of get into an intra writing mode rather than inter.

2. The important things and places I have done this year. More like a top 100 of the things in my life. I should start this very soon. I only have days left before 2010 bids me goodbye.

3. Fashion.. fashion.. fashion.. although I was never updated on this. I'd like to check out what has been the trend this year and what will be the next year's.

So many things to write about, so little time.

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