Friday, December 17, 2010

LIFESTYLE | Extreme Fitness Gym


Equipment : 9 / 10
Location : 8 / 10
Personnel : 8 / 10
Clientel : 8 / 10

(My fitness trainor, Teacher Francis Chua on the left side)

This has been long overdue. I have started going to the gym since August and I only felt the urge to write this about the gym I go to.

First of all, the gym is near my office so it's very convenient for me.

I go there like thrice a week, which according to my fitness consultant is the ideal schedule since the body should not be overworked out.

Facilities wise, the equipment is good. Most of the things there are newly purchased and offers a variety of machines for different body targets.

Speaking of body target, my original target is to reduce my fattening belly and develop my abs. But lately I observed that my chest is developing too so I kinda like touching my chest when it's inflated (sounds like a balloon).

But nowadays, i have to focus on the marathon that I have to join come July 2011. So most of the time I'm just running/jogging on the treadmill.

I'm still deciding whether to change my workout plan since summer will come first and I would love to bask in the sun with superb bodies. Not exactly the muscular type but just the toned one and I know I can achieve that.

There aren't many people in the afternoon so I choose to go to the gym this time.The gym is on the third floor of  a not so big building. Just before you get to the workout area, there's a studio conducive for yoga and dancing.

In the workout area, there are four treadmills (one is dysfunctional), two bicycles, and two ellipticals.

There are also leg extension machines, weights, dumbels, barbels, etc.

There are two toilets. One locker is for the boys. There's no locker room for girls.

The gym personnel are also very nice. They are always ready to assist when you need help.

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