Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Filipino New Year 2011

So here's the video of last night's revelry. My phone's video is really horrible so I better get something better soon.


A new year has finally come and to the Filipinos lighting firecrackers at midnight has been a century old custom.

Filipinos believe that by doing so, evil spirits would leave and the new year will bring in more good luck.

This tradition has been passed down to us by our Chinese ancestors and continuously practiced by both rich and poor.

Although campaigns have been done by the government to prevent firecrackers, only time can tell when a complete stop to this custom can happen.
New year will never be as joyful and colorful without these firecrackers lighting the midnight sky for all to enjoy.

For the meantime, Filipinos will conitnue to welcome everu single new year with hope in their heart.

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