Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miriam Quiambao (1999) Revisited

This is my last post for tonight. I couldn't get this one thing out of mind after watching the video from youtube this morning. Here is the video

The question was- "If miss universe were to become pregnant during her reign, should she be allowed to continue as Ms. Universe?"

I remember vividly this pageant back then in 1999, although I couldn't make a heads or tails of the question and answer since my facility of English that time wasn't that good. But now that I do understand the question, I would have answered it this way:

"A woman's worth is not solely based on whether she is pregnant or not but rather about how she has stood up and accepted the responsibility that God has given to her. Being a miss universe is a challenging role, but being a mother is simply a testament to women's strength. And both should be seen as equally admirable."

I think this is what I get from watching too much miss universe videos. Earlier I have posted how close Venus Raj (2010) from becoming the 3rd Miss Universe if not for her epic fail in the Q&A portion. So I guess it's waiting time again for the Philippines. I just hope that I still am alive to see that day.

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