Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of Etiquettes

This is kind of late now. I've tried really hard to blog last weekend's activity but I was just too busy (well I can't think of a time when I wasn't). The point is there are number of things that I would like to share so here it goes.

Etiquette 1: Never Use DSLR in a coffee shop especially if it has flash

Insensitive lot.
Okay. So how difficult is it really to understand that a coffee shop is not a park where you can just flash your expensive DSLR as  if the mere sight of it would make people adore you. Gosh, how I wish people would grow up and realize that nobody cares about your expensive piece of gadget. You want to shoot? You go out and have the time of your life outside but seriously! Not. In. A. Coffeeshop. In case you might not see because the flash has already blurred whatever brain you have, people are in a coffeeshop to have some peace of mind and relax. People are there because they want to avoid people like you who keeps on shooting your camera. 

So I say YES. Let's ban DSLR in coffee shops. That would be my first bill if ever elected.

Etiquette 2: Do not pet in front of a person studying

Get A Room!
Is it really necessary for the two of you to sit directly in front of a person studying. First of all, you are blocking the sight and second how dare you make the person feel miserable by your PDA. Get a room.

So I say YES. Let's ban PDA in coffee shops, This is corollary to my first bill.

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