Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Universal McCann Philippines

And I thought I won't write today. But I just can't help it. Just before I go to bed, I want to share what happened today. I hope these points can help me become better in future interviews which I think would be a long road for me.

1. Punctuality. Punctuality. Punctuality. Why can't I just be on time. I always try hard to fast but in the end I always arrive in my appointments late. This is already my second interview this month and I am late again for 30 minutes. I want to change this habit seriously.

2. Dress code. I know I exerted effort in making sure I make myself presentable but I still looked lousy and impoverished with my tattered belt and crumpled polo. Not to mention my torn slacks. I can't believe I go to Makati wearing this. But it's actually an issue of time rather than finances. I just can't find time to go to SM and buy the things I need.

So stressed.
3. Interview. Sure my English was good but my vocabulary just slips my mind and I keep muttering common words that do not really show what I am made of. I need to spruce up my vocabulary badly.

4. Appearance and Facial cues. More than anything is the face that sends the message to the interviewer. How can I be so presentable with my eye bags almost covering my face? I need an overhaul and I need to do it quick.

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