Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Venus Raj (2010) : The Cat Walk

If for anything, I think Venus' amazing catwalk catapulted her to the top 5, and although some people might argue that she is not that pretty to deserve the crown- well let me remind you that all candidates in the pageant have been sent by their countries to represent them and to insult the candidate is to insult the country so better keep to your self degrading remarks.

Anyhow I am analyzing how Venus was able to make it to the top 15 and realized that more than her beauty, it was her confidence in the catwalk and evening gown that gave her an edge. The gown itself looked so dull and shabby but Venus was able to pill it up. Watch the video:

A lot of people around the world agreed that if only Venus had answered the question with honesty then she would have been the last one standing with the crown that night. I just hope that a time will come when the Philippines would be recognized again in the international community. But as for Venus Raj excellent performance, we Filipinos are so proud of you.

The Catwalk

Perfect curves and moves

As you can see even during the cut for the top 15 where she was wearing swimsuit, the walk was simply elegant and sophisticated. The legs where perfectly criss crossing each other while the hips sway gracefully at each step. The head and shoulders were perfectly angled flashing her smile on top of everything. This I think made her a worthy candidate for the crown.

The Evening Gown

Silver gown for the Philippines

Although truly disappointing, the gown was still able to make Venus stand out. Let me just point out the weakness of the gown. First it made Venus a lot darker than usual and almost made her invisible. The trail was quite awkward as Venus had to carry the back of her gown all the while walking. And the over the shoulders ribbon. Is that really necessary? Anyway Venus really did a great job on this.

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