Saturday, March 26, 2011

TRAVEL | Tagbilaran Day Tour (Bohol)

Deciding whether to take a day tour (1800 Php) or go island hopping (1300 PhP), I opted to take the day tour since I am not into dolphin watching and snorkeling. Furthermore I needed a transport to go to Tagbilaran to buy my ship ticket going to CEBU which is my next destination. 

The day tour was fun although I was alone. Well it would have been better if there are others with me to save money but since it's my last day, I couldn't wait for anybody to come with me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

TRAVEL | Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon)

White Sand at Kwebang Lampas
My first beach activity this 2011 happened at this place called Kwebang Lampas. It is a private beach resort located at Brgy. Polo, Pagbilao, Quezon.

Not many knows that Quezon Province boasts many beaches that have not been discovered and developed yet. One particular area is Pagbilao. It's sea shore overlooks Tayabas Bay and most of its sand is white which makes it a haven for beach lovers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


While looking at the sunset today at Roxas Boulevard, I was amazed at how little it is to make people essentially happy. I was happy after seeing the sun set. It was really nothing but it was joy unlike any other.

Roxas Boulevard remains the dirty, ugly looking avenue but all that becomes unnoticed when you start seeing the bright orange, red, and yellow scattering through the dusky sky. It was sheer happiness I can't completely explain.

I think we've been so busy with our lives that we can't appreciate things like this anymore. I guess this is one of the reasons why I want to pursue that travel plan to La Union or Sagada. Maybe in silence I would find the answers to my questions. Not that I have so many questions but I just need to reflect more. To see more who I really am. What I really want.

Monday, March 7, 2011

TRAVEL | Farewell Time

Thursday. March 3, 2011.

We woke up quite late. The original plan was to leave the house at 7:30am. But because Teacher Judith cooked breakfast, we ate first and left the house at 8:30am. The traffic was horrible. Worse was the sluggish driver. I almost became a backseat driver but I had to contain myself.

We were really running out of time. The flight of the two guys was at 11:05am. We arrived at the airport at 10:35am. Only 30 minutes before the flight. They had to cut in line just to try catching their flight. Unfortunately, they missed the plane.

Kino sent me a text message saying, “We missed the plane. Very interesting.” I was worried but Kino said they’re going to be in the next flight at 12:30pm. This really made me wonder how the government couldn’t do anything about the serious trouble traffic jam is causing the Filipinos and foreigners. Really sad.

Sitting in the bus. I looked at the sky. It’s sunny today. It’s as if nothing happened. It’s as if the two weeks was just a day. I felt sad. I know I won’t see my friends again after a long time. But then again, I know time flies. So I’ll just look forward to the day that I can spend some time with them once more.

TRAVEL | The Last Night in Manila

Wednesday. March 2, 2011.

The Last Few Hours in the Resort

Kino got up very early. I saw him go out of the room. I thought he was just using the toilet but I looked and he was actually in the Jacuzzi, reading the pocketbook I gave him. I didn’t bother him anymore. I thought quiet time would do him good. I decided to go around the place and see what else to see.

The place was big. I am not very good at measurements but I know that my whole subdivision would have fitted in that resort. There was a lake where one could ride a boat. Eight pools of different temperature. One volleyball court. One function house under construction. One restaurant. And cottages all around the place. The resort was decorated with wood carvings and marble statues. It was really amazing.

TRAVEL | 88 Hotspring Resort in Laguna

Tuesday. March 1, 2011.

Last Day at Home

Breakfast was the same- eggs and hotdogs. So when Kino and Jeenyong woke up, they cooked brunch themselves. We had to eat heavy since this was the last day at home. We were leaving later for the hotspring in Laguna. I convinced my dad to drive us there although he was not sure whether the van can drive that far. In the end, the van was able to.

Jeenyong wanted to say goodbye to my sister. Good thing my sister came home before we left. So Kino and Jeenyong said goodbye to her.

At around 1:30pm, we left the house and bid Lucena goodbye.

TRAVEL | Sea Food, Balut and Bingo

Monday. February 28, 2011.

Sea Food

Not exactly what we ate, but just so to give you an idea.

Mother had to go to work today. She prepared breakfast or something like that. I thought I had to add something up on the table so bought some things on the shore, washed a few dishes and set the table. It was a very simple breakfast but I put a lot of effort into it.

TRAVEL | Hitting the Beach, Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao

Sunday. February 27, 2011.

Early in the Morning

And so Kathrina woke me up at 5am. She asked whether we’ve already awaken. I said yes. But I let the two guys sleep more. Kino got up but went back to sleep again. I drank my morning fix of coffee. I couldn’t sleep anymore. Later my mom went down and started cooking the chicken.

I prepared the utensils- the spoon, fork, paper plates (which I found later on doesn’t have paper, just plates). The chicken took a long time to cook. At 6:15 we left the house. We dropped mother at the diversion road. Met Kathrina afterwards along the highway. The weather was rainy. It wasn’t the perfect time to go to the beach. I felt sad about that. But no other time to go to the beach except this day.

TRAVEL | Going Native at Palaisdaan

Saturday. February 26, 2011.

Change of Travel Plan

The original plan was that at 12 midnight, we’ll travel to my hometown since Kino and Jeenyong don’t have any place to stay in. Unfortunately we had a meeting in the office for an hour so we finished around 12 midnight also. I asked Kino if they can still travel but he said better to go tomorrow. It was better. I slept.

In the morning, I decided to eat breakfast first at Jollibee. Joy, a fellow Communication Research major and a friend of Kai drove Kino and Jeenyong to Jollibee. It was my first time to see Jeenyong and I was just glad he was safe.

TRAVEL | Jeenyong's Arrival


Friday. February 25, 2011.

Fetching Kino at Terminal 4

Laila sent me a message. She was asking for the camera. It was kind of unexpected since I thought she’ll get the camera by Monday. Said she’s going to Pampanga and she needed the camera. Thus, I had to go meet Kino at the airport and get the camera.

The Old Domestic Airport...

Kino suggested that I coordinate with Kai and go there together. Kai agreed. At 12:30pm, we met at MRT Cubao. Upon arrival at Taft, we took the coaster bus to Terminal 3. We waited there for an hour only to find out that Kino was in Terminal 4 (which I doubt if it was indeed Terminal 4). It was actually the old domestic airport. It was already 2:30pm. We saw Kino sitting in front of the entrance.

He wasn’t feeling very well when I greeted him. He said he had stomachache. It was terrible. The taxi driver was a pain in the ass as well. He made us go down and take the other taxi. When we were inside the second taxi, the driver charged us some additional fee. I refused and slammed the front of the cab with my folder. Guess I was too agitated that time. I was violent. We got off and guess what, rode the first taxi.

Jeenyong arrived today. I couldn’t pick him up since I still had a job that day. Kai however was happy to come to the airport with Kino to meet Jeenyong. 

Lunch at Greenhills Mall

Wednesday. February 23, 2011.

After my morning class, I asked Kino to come go out with me for breakfast. We ate at Jollibee. He had fried bangus. I had corned beef. He thought fried bangus was not as smelly as stewed bangus. He prefer fried bangus. But he said he liked the corned beef better.

Greenhills Mall at night
I had an appointment today. I decided to take Kino with me to meet two of my girl friends- Dazzle and Mellany. We went to Greenhills Mall. Kino’s flight to Boracay was still at 5pm so we had plenty of time in the morning.

We had lunch at Banana Leaf. It was my first time to eat there. Didn’t have much idea what to order. But we had chicken, shrimp and beef. I didn’t like the beef with coconut. It sucked big time. After lunch, we had coffee courtesy of Kino.

Kino though had to leave to get a haircut. So the three of us were left in Starbucks. We waited for Kino. After an hour or so, Kino came back with a new hairdo. We didn’t really stay too long after. Kino gave me a sweat shirt. I loved it. I was actually planning to buy one.

Time’s running out. We had to hurry to get to the subway station. At the station, Kino ran to get inside, but he had to come out since I had his diary. When he got it, the train closed and left. He had to wait again. Anyway, I moved to the other side of the station to go to my station. I saw Kino on the other side. The train passed. The train moved. Kino’s gone.


TRAVEL | A Visit to Intramuros

Tuesday. February 22, 2011.

Trip to QC Hall

After my morning class, Kino and I ate the bread he bought the night before. Funny thing was, he thought the grated cheese on top of the empanada was noodles. I told him it wasn’t. He had tea, I had coffee. He said it was a bad habit for me- drinking coffee. I disagreed. Nevertheless, we finished breakfast with him eating up all the empanada.

At QC Hall, you need all the patience you can get.
He didn’t have any plan for this day, so I brought him with me. I was to go to Quezon City Hall and get my NBI clearance. Afterwards, we met my friend Laila in ChowKing Philcoa. We had a decent brunch there. We ate beef noodles and siopao. Laila lent me her camera.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

TRAVEL | Pick up at NAIA Terminal 1

Monday. February 21, 2011.

From the Office

Entrance, a picture of disarray and poverty.
Around 6pm when an unknown number started ringing. I was in the middle of my English class. I had to excuse myself to pick up the phone. Surprise! It was Kino himself. Somehow he was able to use a cellphone at the airport.

There was no other way. Kathrina, my friend, doesn’t have time to go to the airport. Everything depends on me. I had a choice. I chose to leave the class for a while and head straight to the airport.

I decided the subway would be the fastest way. It sure was. Upon arrival at the last station, I got myself a taxi, although getting a taxi was always a struggle in this side of the city. The taxi drivers are so cheaters you can’t let them boss you around. I had to be tough. I chose to be tough and refused to be ripped off. Got myself a good taxi afterwards.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Two-Week Vacation

I just got home yesterday and I am to write so many wonderful experiences I have had for the past two weeks. I am going to write them a bit later though since I have some other commitments to attend to. But I will not rest until I get those memories into writing.

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