Monday, March 7, 2011

TRAVEL | Jeenyong's Arrival


Friday. February 25, 2011.

Fetching Kino at Terminal 4

Laila sent me a message. She was asking for the camera. It was kind of unexpected since I thought she’ll get the camera by Monday. Said she’s going to Pampanga and she needed the camera. Thus, I had to go meet Kino at the airport and get the camera.

The Old Domestic Airport...

Kino suggested that I coordinate with Kai and go there together. Kai agreed. At 12:30pm, we met at MRT Cubao. Upon arrival at Taft, we took the coaster bus to Terminal 3. We waited there for an hour only to find out that Kino was in Terminal 4 (which I doubt if it was indeed Terminal 4). It was actually the old domestic airport. It was already 2:30pm. We saw Kino sitting in front of the entrance.

He wasn’t feeling very well when I greeted him. He said he had stomachache. It was terrible. The taxi driver was a pain in the ass as well. He made us go down and take the other taxi. When we were inside the second taxi, the driver charged us some additional fee. I refused and slammed the front of the cab with my folder. Guess I was too agitated that time. I was violent. We got off and guess what, rode the first taxi.

Jeenyong arrived today. I couldn’t pick him up since I still had a job that day. Kai however was happy to come to the airport with Kino to meet Jeenyong. 

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