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TRAVEL | Hitting the Beach, Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao

Sunday. February 27, 2011.

Early in the Morning

And so Kathrina woke me up at 5am. She asked whether we’ve already awaken. I said yes. But I let the two guys sleep more. Kino got up but went back to sleep again. I drank my morning fix of coffee. I couldn’t sleep anymore. Later my mom went down and started cooking the chicken.

I prepared the utensils- the spoon, fork, paper plates (which I found later on doesn’t have paper, just plates). The chicken took a long time to cook. At 6:15 we left the house. We dropped mother at the diversion road. Met Kathrina afterwards along the highway. The weather was rainy. It wasn’t the perfect time to go to the beach. I felt sad about that. But no other time to go to the beach except this day.

Kathrina bought some fish and meat in the market. I bought the charcoal and gasoline. Off we went to the beach. It was a long drive. Suddenly the sky turned bright. The sun came out. I felt happier. The drive to the beach was amazing. The scenery was astounding- green fields, cows, birds, sea shores. It was breath taking, literally. The air was as fresh as it can be. I couldn’t ask for more.

The Beach

Kwebang Lampas

In order to go the beach, we had to take a couple of boats. The beach’s name is Kwebang Lampas. It was a white sand beach owned by a certain Lukang family. Upon arrival there, we discovered that we were not alone. There were actually a number of people.

Washing the dishes with sea sand.
We started setting the fire. Kino and Jeenyong cooked the banana first, then the fish. We ate our brunch and realized that the rice was not that much. We ate the chicken first, with the grilled bananas.

After eating, we hit the water. I saw some sea urchins on the sea floor. I warned everybody to be careful stepping on the urchins. Ironically, it was I who stepped on these creatures. The pain was unbelievable. I actually got scared. I thought it was poisonous. Good thing it wasn’t.

How I stepped on it? Well we were walking inside the cave. I got curious walking in the water. I tried swimming a bit. Voila, there was the sea urchin spines on my left foot. So there I was, all injured. One foot sprained, the other stung. But in the light of this vacation, I didn’t let those rain on Kino and Jeenyong’s parade.

After urinating on the sea urchin’s sting and baking my foot on fire, I felt better. Things were the way as they were again. I could swim. I could play. We could take lots of photos. And that’s what we did the whole time.

Jeenyong on the rocks.
Later on, Kino and Jeenyong jumped from the cliff. Kathrina and I were worried sick about the two. We were like saying if something happens with them then what are we to do? Good thing, apart from some minor bruises, Kino and Jeenyong were okay.

The weather was getting bad. The sky getting darker. It was 3pm. The boatmen came and fetched us. Kino lost his slippers. He had to walk barefoot on the sharp stone way. Finally arrived in the van.

On our way home, I guess all was so exhausted. I fell asleep and the next things I knew my father was shaking me up asking about Kathrina. But Kathrina said she’ll come to our house to take a shower and change clothes.

Live Bar at Mug Café

As if we didn’t go to the beach, later that evening I decided to take the two guys to a jazz bar and drink a little beer. The bar was a spacious place in a mall downtown. We sat in the middle. It was raining cats and dogs outside the bar. Good thing the singers were good. Kino and Jeenyong requested for “Let It Be” and “All You Need Is Love.” Unfortunately, the singers don’t have the lyrics of the song so instead they sang “Hey Jude.”

After drinking at the bar, we went back home and finally rested.

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