Monday, March 7, 2011

TRAVEL | 88 Hotspring Resort in Laguna

Tuesday. March 1, 2011.

Last Day at Home

Breakfast was the same- eggs and hotdogs. So when Kino and Jeenyong woke up, they cooked brunch themselves. We had to eat heavy since this was the last day at home. We were leaving later for the hotspring in Laguna. I convinced my dad to drive us there although he was not sure whether the van can drive that far. In the end, the van was able to.

Jeenyong wanted to say goodbye to my sister. Good thing my sister came home before we left. So Kino and Jeenyong said goodbye to her.

At around 1:30pm, we left the house and bid Lucena goodbye.

88 Hotspring Resort

One of the hot pools inside the big resort

The trip to Laguna took us two hours and a half. The sky was still dark. It was about to rain. It was funny because when we’re looking for our destination my father asked me where to go and I opened my small notebook to check for the place’s address and when I glanced outside, the place was already there. We already reached 88 Hotspring.

The three of us came out. We checked the place and price. It was kind of expensive. So we had to check another hot spring. The other place was cheaper but looked cheap as well. So we decided to stay in the more expensive 88 Hotspring. When we were paying, Kino and Jeenyong ran out of cash so we had to withdraw first from the nearest atm, which was 20 minutes away from the resort.

Since it was already dinner time, we went to Pizza Hut and ate some pizza. The funny thing was when we went out, Jeenyong talked to the gay waiter. According to Jeenyong, the gay waiter liked Kino. Jeenyong consequently gave Kino’s facebook account to the gay waiter.

I, on the other hand, bought some alcohol and fruits from the grocery. This was the last time I’ll spend with Kino and Jeenyong so I bought Tanduay Ice. It was the first time to taste Tanduay Ice.

Bamboo house
Father drove us back to the resort. We proceeded inside and stayed inside in our bamboo house which was airconditioned and I must say really nice. I really liked the place. After a few minutes, we went to the Jacuzzi which was just so hot my body would itch whenever I dip in the hot water. But after getting used to the hot water I was okay with it. We moved to the octagon Jacuzzi afterwards. We drank the Tanduay Ice there. A few chit chats. Then went back to the bamboo house.

Inside the bamboo house, Jeenyong and I kept taking photos of ourselves. When Kino got inside the room, started drinking the Tanduay Rhum (the whole time we were together, we kept drinking alcohol). After drinking everything, we brushed our teeth and went to sleep. I thought we were so drunk we woke up the next day well rested. Jeenyong was complaining I was snoring too much. 

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