Monday, March 7, 2011

Lunch at Greenhills Mall

Wednesday. February 23, 2011.

After my morning class, I asked Kino to come go out with me for breakfast. We ate at Jollibee. He had fried bangus. I had corned beef. He thought fried bangus was not as smelly as stewed bangus. He prefer fried bangus. But he said he liked the corned beef better.

Greenhills Mall at night
I had an appointment today. I decided to take Kino with me to meet two of my girl friends- Dazzle and Mellany. We went to Greenhills Mall. Kino’s flight to Boracay was still at 5pm so we had plenty of time in the morning.

We had lunch at Banana Leaf. It was my first time to eat there. Didn’t have much idea what to order. But we had chicken, shrimp and beef. I didn’t like the beef with coconut. It sucked big time. After lunch, we had coffee courtesy of Kino.

Kino though had to leave to get a haircut. So the three of us were left in Starbucks. We waited for Kino. After an hour or so, Kino came back with a new hairdo. We didn’t really stay too long after. Kino gave me a sweat shirt. I loved it. I was actually planning to buy one.

Time’s running out. We had to hurry to get to the subway station. At the station, Kino ran to get inside, but he had to come out since I had his diary. When he got it, the train closed and left. He had to wait again. Anyway, I moved to the other side of the station to go to my station. I saw Kino on the other side. The train passed. The train moved. Kino’s gone.


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