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TRAVEL | A Visit to Intramuros

Tuesday. February 22, 2011.

Trip to QC Hall

After my morning class, Kino and I ate the bread he bought the night before. Funny thing was, he thought the grated cheese on top of the empanada was noodles. I told him it wasn’t. He had tea, I had coffee. He said it was a bad habit for me- drinking coffee. I disagreed. Nevertheless, we finished breakfast with him eating up all the empanada.

At QC Hall, you need all the patience you can get.
He didn’t have any plan for this day, so I brought him with me. I was to go to Quezon City Hall and get my NBI clearance. Afterwards, we met my friend Laila in ChowKing Philcoa. We had a decent brunch there. We ate beef noodles and siopao. Laila lent me her camera.

I decided to use the Filipino modes of transportation. First the tricycle, which according to Kino was good if you’re sitting with a pretty girl, otherwise bad. The second mode was the bus where we had to stand and squeeze in among the people inside. The conductor just kept letting people inside even there’s not enough space. The third was the jeepney going to Philcoa.

Moving to Intramuros

Laila and I had to go to the agency this day. We took an FX cab. The travel took us an hour. Traffic as usual was heavy. After arrival, I talked to my agents and left the building. We headed to Intramuros.

Entrance to the walled city.

On the way to Intramuros, Kino decided to buy socks. He looked for a cap. No cap. He asked me, “What to see in Intramuros?” I said, “Nothing but century old ruins.” He answered, “So why are we going there.” I said, “Because I insist. Besides, there’s really nothing else to see here in Manila.”

Beside fertility statues.

We walked around Intramuros. Took a lot of pictures. We went into this Filipino traditional crafts shop. Kino bought a coconut shell. It was interesting. We kept walking. He kept asking questions. I kept answering. In the end he said I was a maktanjo (막딴조) because I kept saying things for the sake of saying them. I laughed. Maybe I am a maktanjo.

He couldn’t walk anymore so we decided to eat halo-halo in ChowKing again. He said it was my favorite restaurant since we always eat there. I said I just like the food there. After a while, the travel agent suddenly called. It was all too unexpected since I was calling the agent earlier that morning but to no avail. The travel agent we had to pay something and we had to do it before 5pm. 

On the Run to SM Megamall

Time check- 1:00pm. So the next best thing to do is for me to do the transaction. He had to meet Kathrina at SM Megamall at 5pm. We had to run. Time’s running out. The LRT 1 was quite a walk. After a while, we got to the transfer station. He got off at SM Megamall. I had the money for the payment.

Time check- 2:30pm. How am I supposed to go the bank and pay when I only have little time left before 4pm, as I am to start working? Things were not going well. The transaction had to be done and payment had to be settled. The travel agent kept on asking if we were still purchasing the travel package.

Good thing Kino was very resourceful. He found an Internet café. Found the right bank and paid the travel fee. At the end of the day, Kino did everything. He did well. Later on Kino met Kathrina and they ate Bangus.

He met Kai later that night. After the dinner with Kathrina, Kino had a drink with Kai. I heard they drank Tanduay Ice. He arrived at the office around 10pm I think. He was drunk. Although he wouldn’t admit it. His face was red as strawberry.

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