Thursday, April 14, 2011

TRAVEL | Panglao, Bohol in the Philippines

The Internet connection right now is just plain crazy and since I am pressed for time, I would have to post just some of the interesting photos I took in Bohol. I'll edit later.

BOHOL PROVINCE. I stayed at Panglao, the South-West part of the province.

En route to Panglao (from Tagbilaran) by jeepney ala bus style. The trip takes an hour and a half.

BPI at Panglao. I was surprised because at this far and remote area was this bank.


In search for the cheapest and  most practical place to stay, I found myself here at Bohol Divers. It's the last resort on this side of Alona Beach which is strategically located in a peaceful environment. I only paid 500/night for a single room-fan. Well, I didn't really have to stay in an aircon. I am out most of the time.

Bohol Divers at night. The resort is spacious enough for other recreational activities like swimming, table tennis, bar, etc.

At day. You can see the wooden tables and chairs adjacent to the bar.

Cafe early in the morning. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wooden furniture. They're nice when dry but awful on rainy days.

The Dawn in front of Bohol Divers.

Bohol Divers hotel rooms with aircons

Nipa hut rooms with aircons

Luxurious rooms for the well to do visitors

Swimming pool opens/closes at 9am - 9pm

Beautiful coconut trees lining the pool

Maintained and cleaned regularly


From BOHOL DIVERS one can easily reach nearby hotels which offer competitive rates. However, what I liked most about these hotels is that they are open for everyone to try their cafes and restaurants and boy, you won't ever run out of options. It's a little pricey though. But of course you can always opt to go outside the hotel and find something cheaper.

Left most part of this stretch of the beach.

Right most part of the beach, just beside BOHOL DIVERS. 

Didn't really get the name of this hotel, but they have nice interior 

WHITE BEACH. One of the posh hotels in this area.

Normal looking hotel with an upside down sign. It's a drinking pub at night.

Chairs such as these in the picture abound at the beach, but not really ideal for sun bathing

Nipa chairs and huts. These are Filipino inspired exteriors.

ISIS THAI. I passed by here at night, but not many people visit here.

OASIS CAFE. Last night for a cup of coffee in Panglao.


If you are in Panglao, it is highly recommended that you rent a motorcycle and go around the city. If you have a driver's license (which I don't), you can even go beyond Panglao and visit Tagbilaran and tour the place in your time. This is something which I did and I would say worth every cent.

Other part of the beach. I visited the other side of Alona Beach.

Some sort of park leading to the small ships' docking area.


Old interior design using stone slabs at the church. I had lunch here.

Souvenirs for sale.

Mr. Hermit Crab wants to pinch my fingers but I just let him go.

Old belfry.

Mangroves. Places like this one abound in Tagbilaran and Panglao that's why they have lots of fishes.

Children taking a dip, wetting feet.

Souvenir shops. Prices are pretty reasonable.

This cave has a deep pool inside.

People swimming at the pool inside the cave. Folks there say it's about 10 ft.

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