Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wooden House

I saw a room... a wooden type of room and stayed in it.
(Hours before sleeping, I saw the wooden rooms of the resort my old friends stayed in)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Start of My Lucid Dreams

Last night, my attempt to astral project/lucid dream failed. As I recall, I kept hearing voices from the people I know and events that slowly flashed in my mind were that of the events hours before I went to bed. I recall hearing two particular voices- Melchor and Cocoy whose voices were certainly distinguishable among others. I recall the dinner at Shawaya (a local chicken house) and the events in the van- the shouting and laughter. But I failed to maintain my consciousness as I gave in to the flow of convoluted events.

And then after a few minutes or so, everything faded. But I know that I dreamed of something but just can't remember anything. The next thing I heard was my phone alarming, then me finding my phone under my chest and pressing the stop button, then went back to sleep.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CORPORATE | Observation 3: Fashion and Looks

Corporate Observation 3: Employee's appearance determines the amount of respect and confidence in an office setting. Fashion dictates impression, as impression is the most lasting.

CORPORATE | Observation 2: Boss Attitude

Corporate Observation 2 : The boss's attitude and everything about him influences the general atmosphere of the office.

Hypothesis 1 : The attitude of the boss influences positively / negatively the attitude of the employees.

Hypothesis 2 : The attitude of the boss directly affects the productivity and motivation of the employees.

Monday, August 8, 2011

CORPORATE | Observation 1 : Ranking and Psyche

I'd like to start a series of observations in my company.

First observation : If a boss is kind or terrifying, the subordinates do not take it against the boss. If an employee is kind, he will be abused. If an employee is terrifying, he will be hated.

Hypothesis 1 : The corporate ranking significantly affects/triggers the emotional and psychological being of the employees and bosses.

Hypothesis 2 : Self-characteristics do not determine effective performance in an office setting.

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