Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Start of My Lucid Dreams

Last night, my attempt to astral project/lucid dream failed. As I recall, I kept hearing voices from the people I know and events that slowly flashed in my mind were that of the events hours before I went to bed. I recall hearing two particular voices- Melchor and Cocoy whose voices were certainly distinguishable among others. I recall the dinner at Shawaya (a local chicken house) and the events in the van- the shouting and laughter. But I failed to maintain my consciousness as I gave in to the flow of convoluted events.

And then after a few minutes or so, everything faded. But I know that I dreamed of something but just can't remember anything. The next thing I heard was my phone alarming, then me finding my phone under my chest and pressing the stop button, then went back to sleep.

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