Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Heads Lead the Body

Miranda Priestley, my idol
Corporate bosses are the ones who set the corporate culture. You get a jolly boss, the staff underneath either become jolly and lax. You get a terror boss, then people tend to be panic suicidal and stressed but are productive. You get a middle boss, and that's what I have.

There's really no saying which culture is better because we're all unique and the same applies to corporate people. As with anything else, an organism survives because it has adapted to environmental strains; otherwise it perishes. Corporations are pretty much like organisms in a macro perspective. If the existing culture hampers the growth of the cells in it, then chances are it won't perpetuate. Hope I made that point clear.

I am all for the strictest kind of boss, the Miranda Priestley type that fosters fear into the hearts of everyone and yet brings out the best in anybody. People are by nature lazy, well some may contest this coz some may be motivated enough but at least I speak for myself. If not pushed enough then the output won't be as productive.

So yes, Miranda Priestley, make my day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CORPORATE | Everything Online

I've been trying so hard to keep track of all my dealings in the office to the point of making multiple entries for the same events or important things to do. Needless to say, that is such a waste of time and in a busy world where I am in right now, every second count (even this entry is eating much of could have been used for some other worthwhile tasks- sigh!).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

CORPORATE | Prioritization


It is perhaps one of the most important concepts that a person should learn when inside a company. Correction- a demanding company. Back in my university days, I know how vital prioritizing important things is. The sad part is that I was never good at prioritizing things that really matter. Yes I have my organizer for that. Only proves how much I need to be reminded at all the things that have to be done.

But once already in a corporate environment like where I am right now, there’s really not much choice but to develop this skill. I also have to learn not to lose focus. I am starting to believe that my attention span is only good for five minutes and after that, puff! I guess the only thing I can do now is to learn how to prioritize.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

TRAVEL | Leaving the Night Before (In Korea 2008)

It’s Eid Holidays here in Saudi Arabia and I was stuck in my room for one week doing nothing except sleeping, eating, and watching movies. What a way to gain weight. Anyway, I was reminiscing the last days I had back in Korea 2008. I watched the video made by my Korean friend, Kino. The video was made 3 years ago but it seems so fresh in my mind. I still find myself laughing when I watch this video.

Amidst all these is the fact that most of the clips included in the video was taken the night before I left for the Philippines.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remarkable Beauties

2011 is about to end. We are down to the last two months and sadly, I have not been that active updating my blog entries. Honestly, there are already so many things that have happened in my life for the last seven months but I just can't find enough inspiration to put all them in a logical written form.

Anyhow, for this entry let me talk about well, beauty pageants. Yes, I'm still not over this topic. This year 2011 has seen a remarkable result for the Philippine delegates in the three major beauty competitions, from Ms. Universe-

Shamcey Supsup, 3rd runner up in Ms. Universe 2011
Philippine delegate to Ms. Universe would have easily brought the crown back home if only judges have been fair to her. For the record, she had the most concise and precise answer among all finalists. She's got the beauty to be adjudged Miss Universe. But it really puzzles most people why she didn't win.

After Miss Universe came the most unexpected of all- the Miss World. Just so readers of this blog would have an idea, Miss World is not popular to most Filipinos. For many years, a Filipina has not been named Ms. World yet. The closest the Philippines reached was 3rd runner up. So it came as a surprise that Philippines delegate, Gwendoline Ruais, was selected as 1st runner up (almost there).

Gwendoline Ruais, 1st runner up in Miss World 2011
Most Filipinos raised an eyebrow when Ruais was chosen as representative to Ms World because she undeniably looks like a man in a girl's clothe. But she had long legs they say so she stood a chance, and her feat was historical breaking all records.  

Finally, the last remarkable feat for the Philippines is the inclusion of Diane Necio, Philippines' delegate for the Miss International. In this competition, the Philippines has been the most successful Asian country to participate with 4 titles given. 

Diane Necio, finalist in the Top 15 of Miss International 2011
Necio was a strong contender for Miss International with striking Filipina features that are difficult to ignore. Personally, I'd say that she deserves to be crowned Miss International but then again, the judges had a different taste. Anyhow, being included in the Top 15 is already a big leap for the Philippines.

Hopefully next year the Philippines will be able to bag one of these crowns.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beauty Pageants

Okay, so here's the fuss- I've never been an avid follower of beauty competitions but this year 2011 proved to be one lucky year for the Philippines as all representatives were selected from top 15 (Miss International) to top 5 (Miss Universe) to top 3 (Miss World). What does it say for a developing country such as the Philippines? It's not like it's going to improve the country's economy or solve social injustice. But on the positive side, this good news brings hope to mos Filipinos knowing that even in the middle of poverty of and turmoil, the Filipinas (term for female Filipinos) are still considered one of the most beautiful women in the planet. 

I don't want to look at BEAUTY as mere physical quality but more of the wholeness of the concept. Filipinas are beautiful because they are reflection of the country's resilience against life's challenges; that even in the most hurdling circumstances, the Filipino people will always survive. Truly, Filipinas are one of the testaments of the Philippines priceless treasures. Mabuhay tayo!

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