Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beauty Pageants

Okay, so here's the fuss- I've never been an avid follower of beauty competitions but this year 2011 proved to be one lucky year for the Philippines as all representatives were selected from top 15 (Miss International) to top 5 (Miss Universe) to top 3 (Miss World). What does it say for a developing country such as the Philippines? It's not like it's going to improve the country's economy or solve social injustice. But on the positive side, this good news brings hope to mos Filipinos knowing that even in the middle of poverty of and turmoil, the Filipinas (term for female Filipinos) are still considered one of the most beautiful women in the planet. 

I don't want to look at BEAUTY as mere physical quality but more of the wholeness of the concept. Filipinas are beautiful because they are reflection of the country's resilience against life's challenges; that even in the most hurdling circumstances, the Filipino people will always survive. Truly, Filipinas are one of the testaments of the Philippines priceless treasures. Mabuhay tayo!

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