Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CORPORATE | Everything Online

I've been trying so hard to keep track of all my dealings in the office to the point of making multiple entries for the same events or important things to do. Needless to say, that is such a waste of time and in a busy world where I am in right now, every second count (even this entry is eating much of could have been used for some other worthwhile tasks- sigh!).

However, previous work experiences thought me that while the traditional pen and paper could be redundant, online entries could be possible alternatives. The catch- you need to back up everything since the net is so unreliable in keeping your documents.

YAHOO is one of the most hated offender of losing things you have kept for years on the net. It seems like that while Yahoo has developed to meet the demands of the times, they just keep on forgetting that people save their files online for some reason and reliability tops those reasons.

I don't know if other online storages could be reliable enough but I am keeping my faith in GOOGLE and hopefully my files won't be flushed in the toilet of cyber highway. 

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