Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 New Year's Resolutions

Four days to go before 2013 so I need to write down the resolutions that I have to achieve for this year. Take note- I need to achieve them this year and that's it. No excuses. 2012 has proven to be a tough time for all- the Philippine economy, politics, education. Even Manny Pacquaio had a rough time against Marquez. Janine Tugonon was not able to bring home the crown although I must say that the US needed that title more than the Philippines. Not to mention the epic failure of the Mayan Calendar... damn, I was waiting for that one.

The point is I have to be more committed to these resolutions that I am going to project for this whole year.

1) Lose weight & tone muscle for Summer's beach party... Boracay would probably be the venue.
2) Be more organized. Let's just say that I am not the tidy kind of person and as what my mom would say, "are you a snake, leaving your things around"
3) Be more OC. As in obssessive compulsive. It's not easy to develop a habit. I mean breaking a habit is difficult, but creating a habit is even more.
4) Read one book per month. Doesn't really matter what book, just read for brain's sake. I think my brain has become stupor for the longest time.
5) Start writing the book to be published. I plan to finish the book this year and submit for publication by December 2013.
6)Submit my scholarship in Korea, Japan or UK. Long overdue.
7) Open time deposit in Citibank, which offers the highest interest rate in the country at X.XX%
8) First quarter of the year, finish the company manual. And for that, I summon all the muses in Olympus to guide me on how to work on this.

There are some resolutions from 2012 which I would like to resurrect-

9) Sleep early... which means around 10pm.
10) Purchase & eat healthy food. Okay, enough of canned food. Start cooking.
11) Exercise. Jog and push ups can do.
12) Clean bed every week. Please do this.
13) Be conscious of physical appearance. If you need to buy men's fashion magazine then do so.
14) Travel, travel, travel. The only place I traveled this 2012 is my room and office.
15) Don't procrastinate. Imagine that I am from a Western Country with a different perception on time. 
16) Plan for the future house. Start from hometown, then move on to the city.
17) Write the observation diary. I think I have a few pages.
18) Do the OFW documentary.

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012 - Evaluation

I was having a break from my transcription work, when I found my 2012 New Year's Resolutions. Oddly, I was not able to blog this so I'll be doing an evaluation before proceeding with my 2013 resolutions:

4. Save money. (Hah! Got this one.. achieved!)
7. Purchase target gadgets for 2012. (Achieved!)
11. Build my social network. (I think I did. Achieved!)
12. Be more detail-oriented. (Due to work demand, yes.. achieved)
14. Take a break. (Achieved)
17. Start the business with friends. (Achieved)

1. Sleep early. (If 12 midnight counts early then I'm still in, but otherwise failed)
2. Purchase and eat healthy foods. (Lemme see, my diet consisted mainly of canned foods and juices.. failed)
3. Exercise. (I used to do yoga and table tennis, but they all stopped and I.. failed)
5. Clean my bed every week. (I didn't have even time to do the laundry.. failed)
6. Be conscious about my physical appearance. (Everyday, people noticed how fat I have become and how big my belly has turned... failed)
8. Travel one foreign and one local places. (Was supposed to go to Turkey for my vacation.. failed)
13. Don't procrastinate. (Epic failed)
15. Don't be perfectionist. (Failed)
16. Prepare for future house. (Failed)
18. Start the "observation" diary. (Failed)

9. Find prospective scholarship in Europe or USA. (I'm getting there.. pending)
10. Finish the OFW documentary. (I plan to make a video docu of my fellow OFWs before I leave.. pending)


  • Out of the 18 resolutions I made in 2012, I was able to fulfill 6, and 2 are still pending. This 33% achievement rate for me is still a failure. 
  • The 6 achieved resolutions are all related to corporate work.
  • The 2 pending are for future matters and not a high priority.
  • The remaining 10 resolutions all refers to my physical being which apparently has not been given much attention. Sadly, it only means that I have not been good to myself. Slaving from work and giving more weight to work.


This only means that I need to put more effort and attention to my health and well-being in 2013.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of Times

I'm pondering about the upcoming end of the world. I horse around the idea that everything will finally reach its final day; that the human race is going to be extinct the same way that dinosaurs have disappeared. There's really no telling.

Tonight, there has been a meteor shower and this is ominous of the events that shall take place in 8 days. December 21st was the predicted day that the world will end. 

At this point, I really have no qualms about the world ending; about life vanishing. I have existed long enough to see that human beings have no part in this circle of life.

Will I finally meet my God? The God that I know has been with me all the time. Not the God that my society has so long wanted me to believe in.

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Customs Rule for Imported Goods into Saudi Arabia

Working in the human resources department of my current company, I was exposed to the roller coaster-extra challenging task of getting containers out of customs. 

Of course, my research formative training for five years was maximized- from conceptualization (thinking how to start with the history of Customs) to review of related literature (thanks to google and threads of emails) to statement of the problem (which remains a problem).

Saudi Arabia of course comes close to what is expected of it. The processing of documents will give you enough time to go on vacation and come back to see that the progress does not give you a difficult time to track it from the beginning. Anyhow, my interesting encounter with customs is at par with my driving license- just interesting. 

Effective November 3rd, 2012, the Saudi Customs Authority will require all Customs Declarations (bayan) to indicate payment method for imported goods arriving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Payment method can be cash or remittance or bank credit, or any other payment method. The Customs Declarations (bayan) needs also to indicate Bank name, payment date and reference number.

All supporting documents related to payment need to be attached to the Customs Declarations (bayan).

Failure to comply with this regulation may delay clearing incoming goods into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This come as part of the Saudi Customs Authority efforts to meet the standards of anti-money-laundering activities.

The required doc’s should be one of the below to be provided from the consignee :

1 – Copy of the wire transfer receipt.
2 – Or a copy of the bank cheque.
3 – Or money on credit prof
4 – Or the client if he don’t have the above copies , he should write a letter as per the third attached to choose one of the ways that he bought his shipments t with.
5 – If he don’t have any of the above the client should provide us with an official attested letter how his shipments was paid for it and where , with a proper and convincing explanation.

As of this writing, the shipment has been released by the customs already. I don't really know how the agent did that because I didn't really bother asking. What's important is the shipment is already out and my part already done. One thing out of my hair. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines | DOT Official

I saw this video today and I can't help but share the pride I have for my country. It feels like the Philippines is such a paradise. I must admit that living in this country for 20 years, I have been clueless of how majestic my country is. The video below sums up all words and pride that I feel now.

Anybody wants to visit the Philippines, just contact me and I'll help you find your way through. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

TRAVEL | Recently in Riyadh

Posh Cafe in Thaliya. It was a weekday so not many people around this time. But it can be crowded on Thursday nights.
I find it a bit amusing that I would update my Facebook with all my photos when nobody cares about them anyway. But I still do only because I intend to let the world know the latest on me. Yes, I'm still alive kind of update.

But lately, I started wondering how I can just use photos to narrate my stories. Not that I don't have photos. As a matter of fact, I do have lots of it and that's where the problem starts. I don't know which one to pick. This is really so trivial but this blogging matter is important to me.

I usually look back at what has happened to me in the previous years and I learn (sometimes feel surprised) from all the things I have done.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ghost Fighter & Bioman : Eccentricity of Dialectics (In Short- Nakakatawang Tagalog)

Here's a video that made a laugh yesterday.
For the benefit of those who are not born in the 90's-
1990's was the era of animated cartoons in the Philippines. 
Most of these cartoons were predominantly Japanese from the dawn of Bioman up to the time of Zenki.
They were then called Sentai anime (pron. as 'a-ni-mey') because there were several real actors and actresses playing as super heroes.

Anyhow, below is "Ghost Fighter's" theme.
It was originally in Japanese but the words sounds really funny when interpreted in Filipino.

As I was browsing youtube for this video, I happened to watch another video of this uploader.
This time it's about BIOMAN.

Again for the benefit of the not so familiar, Bioman was one of the Sentai anime which was dubbed in Filipino. It was so credible. What with all the accent and twang of the dubbers, you won't believe they are Filipinos. It was a time when English proficiency was high in the Philippines, and economy was afloat. Now it's just part of history.

Anyhow, below is the Bioman tagalized video:

Friday, October 19, 2012

FOOD | Food Blog, Saudi Arabia in Focus

I'm starting my articles on FOOD, yay! It's kind of overdue for writing this. Sometimes I ask myself if I'm doing a job or just trying to deliberately kill myself. Well, for whatever reason- there's food to comfort me and there's a lot to mention.

So, without further delay let's begin our food trip around the (half of) the world. Our food journey first takes us to Saudi Arabia. Ah yes, the conservative land of the Arabs. As you may know, pork is strictly prohibited in the Kingdom so people live off with alternative meat such as chicken and beef. Also popular are lamb, goat, and camel (although, I have not really eaten a camel before, and I do not intend to).

Friday, October 5, 2012

Being Different

A friend sent this letter to me and I knew that I had to share this to others.

When we look at someone in the street, or in a pub , or at work, what do we see, only what we want to see, or what that person wants us to see. 

Being different from others is not easy, it’s hard, and for some they live in fear. Not knowing what to do or who to talk too. They live their life alone, hiding who they are, they try to do normal things in life, as others do, but fall, hurt and lost. 

For many of you here today, do you take the time to know that person, and how they got to where they are today,

I want to tell you a short story of a small boy, who was the eldest son of five sons. This small boy grow up in a family that showed very little love towards him. 

Where being beaten was the norm in his life, and not feeling part of this family. Hoping some day someone will come and take him away from the hell he lived in.

There was a world he could take himself to, a world that he only could see and be part of, for him it was to watch the world around him, blue skyes, the wild life around him, frost on a window, standing under a tree when it rained, he would watch, listen, and could smell this world too, but the best bit was, that no one could come in to his world, for it took away all the pain of being beating, of being shouted at, do this or do that by his family. 

 As he grow up, he could not read or write, so again in this he was alone , at 9 years old he had 3 picture cards, of a man in white with long hair, in these pictures this man stood with children and stood with alot of people too, and the last one he sit on a hill side, he had no idea, who this was, but he knew this man was a good man.

This small boy loved to go on a bus to a local town or to the sea, for there he was safe , and he could watch and listen to all the people around him, and smell the air there too, it was his joy to see life this way.

His school friends all knew he could not read or write and how they mocked him for it, he also had to take time off school because his small body was marked from being beaten. But still he had his world, and he saw so much more than others did.

When this boy was 13 years old , he was changing, he did not like the things other boys liked, like sport or girls, but he did not know why this was, he had feels for other boys his age, he would hope that his best friend would be out to play, and if he was not, it would hurt him.

At 14 he had his first feelings of being together with his best friend, it was good but he also feared it too. 

A year later his world came down around him, as others knew he liked boys, from that time on , this boy had to hide who he was, and he could not understand what he was, he tried to run away from this world, but he could only live where he was, the beatings continued, even into his teens, was this to be his life, forever. 

As time passed by his feels towards other boys of his age he had to hide for fear of what may happen to him, in the hands of his family and friends around him.

At 23 his mother died, he hope all his pain would stop that day, but it did not, the last time his father hit him, this boy was 27,

This boy even got married, so to hide himself, he hoped he would learn how to love a woman, 10 years later they parted, going their own ways, he had tried to live a normal life, as other saw it.

Then in 91/92 he went to evening classes at collage for nearly a year, to learn to read and write. It was the beinging of changing his life. He now had a name for it too, dyslexic,

He had also traveled over seas too, italy, malta, spain, france, he saw so much, in a short time he was growing up, he worked hard to build a new life,

He had some good friend s come into his life, some helped him with his reading , and gave him the courage to move on in life, but he still hide who he was, the man inside him, he would never let out, no one was allowed to see him.

So what will be come of this small boy who was now a man, where would he go and what would he do and did he have a future anywhere.

In 1998 he moved to Scotland , to a small village down Lochness. He stayed with friends to start with, but then got his own place to rent, with in two years he had his first poem put in print, his joy was up there with the clouds, he was on top of the world, his poem in print. Then 7 years ago he change the area of work he did, he now knew what he want to do in life , help others.

Then 5 years ago his world came down around him again, this time there was no where to hide any more, all the pain of his child hood and who he was came back to him, after his father died, he was alone , there was no way out for him, so he plan to end his life by the shores of a loch, alone there he stood, crying into that evening, the stood alone.

So where today is this small boy who be came a man.

He stands before you, for on that evening my faith came back to me, the following day i asked for help, and again people came into my life, so i could at last deal with my passed, i had the support of so many, friends in work and outside of work, and for the first time i was able to say this is who i am, i’m mike and i’m gay.

Over the last few years , i still have a great job working as home carer, also in my spare time working here in inverness in the gay community too, in the then lgbt social group , ending up as chair man and project worker for them, and now on other projects still to this day, even taking part in a Scottish tv documentary here in the highlands, talking about ones faith and how the church see us for being gay.

But the one project thats close to my heart, is my faith, and the fact that gay people are not welcome into some churches today, and also the fact that some people still do not understand who we are,

We are the same as you all here today, yes i’m different as i’m gay, but do you know, we fall in love as you do, and when a relateship finishers , we feel the same pain as you do, we all eat and sleep the same as you , we want the same as you all, to feel safe, to feel cared for, to have ajob and work hard as you all do, and for some of us to go to church as some of you do.

Today i’m proud of who i am, proud to say i live in inverness , where the people and its curture makes one feel welcome, one where i work to help others,

But above all this are the 4 lessions i have learnt here in scotland and from my faith, compassion, understanding, and how to forgive, and how to love each other, and to work together to make a better life for everyone,

I’m proud of who i am, i’m mike, that small boy who grow up to be the man he is today.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style - the Saudi Edition

Finally, I was able to finish the "Oppa Gangnam Style" that I was working on for a week.

The video was participated by employees in the company where I currently work for. It is just amazing how people are willing to share their time and talent for projects like this.

Initially, I planned to direct the video as close to the original. But I realized that the spontaneity of the people in the video actually made it more interesting. 

To date, "Oppa Gangnam Style" has acquired more than 300,000,000 since its upload in July 2012. Guinness Book of Records has declared the video as the most number of likes in Youtube's history. Quite a feat for a Korean artist. 

I hope to make more videos that would showcase the Filipino spirit.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

75th UAAP Cheerdance Competiton Results and Rants

Okay. I'm no expert when it comes to cheering competitions. I don't do stunts, though I do standard dances. I am not a choreographer, but I am very keen on aesthetics. That is to say, all I can critic on this year's 75th UAAP Cheerdance Competition is solely from the perspective of a distant audience. So let's begin:

University of the Philippines Pep Squad - 2012 CHAMPION :
Simplicity and Innovation

They are amazing. Their concept is beyond great and they live up to the challenge of "reinventing"  themselves everytime they perform. It's interesting to note that last year, they used Madonna as their theme dying their hair blonde.

This year we witnessed how from vogue to underground style UP has undergone. And I think it's safe to say that nobody, not among the other participants would ever shave their heads. But it's not about the shaved heads per se- it's about how UP Pep Squad has been able to set an unmatched standard.

The other teams tried to compete with UP but sad to say, UP has never had a competition. Not even with Salinggawi of UST (which I think should start re-thinking about their concepts because people get tired of the same old routine they show year after year after...

Another good thing about UP is that it tries to be very MINIMAL. As the saying goes- the simpler, the better. I guess this is something that other schools can't pick up from UP. Others try to fool the judges with grand costume and props, but fact of the matter is that- we are smarter than what they think we are.

We, the audience can see through the deception. The costumes can't hide flaws. The props can't take away the blunders.

UP just try to be UP. Nothing else. Acrobatics. Gymnastics. Stunts. Perfection execution. That's it.

FEU Cheering Squad - SECOND PLACE :
The Gruesome and Deranged Concept

When I first saw FEU, I was like "Eww, what are they wearing." Honestly, I thought their costume was hideous. I get goosebumps not because of their performance was anything, but because the costume resembles like "psoriasis" in its advanced stage. Again, I told myself- "What on Earth was FEU thinking."

In terms of the routine, it's actually fine. Nothing spectacular. Actually, it almost bordered on the boring side of the meter. We have seen most of what FEU has done. I mean come on, can't you think of anything else. The girls are looking like wasted circus freaks contorting with no purpose.

I hope FEU realizes that what they are lacking is a unified theme. They perform like they're just doing it for the sake of performing. Nothing more.

If they want to beat UP again (which I highly doubt) they should start concentrating on something unified. What I mean is, their routine should be according to their theme. Never mind the costume. I see that they tried to be some kind of a jaguar that turned to a tamarraw. Crazy!

National University Cheer Squadron - THIRD PLACE:
Epitome of Anomaly

Folks, this is the biggest anomaly in the history of UAAP Cheerdance. Did the judges think that because NU is the host, they can just give the third place to them as some kind of "pa-consuelo de bobo?" 

First of all, they look like a bunch of majorettes and band players ready to perform for a fiesta extravaganza. Second, their music choice best fits kindergarten students. Lastly, their stunts was- can't even think of a lower term.

This is just not right. I just think that DLSU deserved to win more than this crap. Or was there some kind of arrangement with Henry Sy like- "If NU doesn't place, you'll have to pay the rent for this effin' arena!"

That is just so cheap. 

Anyhow, everything's been done. What can we do? Even if we rant and curse the heavens for social injustice the results will still remain the same.

Videos from:

Friday, September 21, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style 3.0

This is the third teaser for the Oppa Gangnam Style that I am making with the help of the Filipinos I work with here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It's really interesting to know how people would find time to share their talent and time to work on these videos so for that I am thankful to them. That despite our busy schedules, we found a way to shoot these.

Oppa Seder Style is the third part of the teasers that I am working on. This covers the elevator scene, which due to lack of; we had to improvise. 

Tell us what you think about the video. Especially the elevator scene.

Oppa Gangnam Style 2.0

This second video is a good one I think, utilizing the natural afternoon light. It made the production look a little sophisticated, if I may say. I am actually using a Sony camera to make all these videos so it's really an achievement for me and rest of the talents in the video to come up with something like this. 

Oppa Gangnam Style 2.0 is the beginning of the complete video I am making. 


You may comment and react on this video so I know how I can improve more on my works. I appreciate all your suggestions and donations. :)

Oppa Gangnam Style 1.0

I'm officially jumping into the bandwagon of the "Oppa Gangnam Style" world. It's actually a fun video and catchy enough to attract hundreds of viewers around the world. I really don't know what's up with this song but people seem to respond well when they hear it. The song is simple enough, and the dance move is equally crazy. It's difficult not to get caught in the craziness.

Anyhow, below is my first video teaser for the dance craze of the town. I will be completing the whole video in a day or two so you better check it out here and in youtube. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Reading List

I am currently reading Spencer Johnson's second book, The Present. My boss told me that I should also read this one after reading Who Moved My Cheese.

Just like the first book, it is also an easy read. Big fonts and few pages. Wouldn't take you long before you finish it. I'm just finding time to finish this book which I hope I can do at the fastest time.


There are still some other books pending in my reading list. All of these books were lent to me by my boss. I wonder if they are serious in expecting me to read all of them.

Well, I am an avid reader for sure. But I take time when reading. Just not my nature to rush things. So I guess I'll be able to finish all of these before I go back to the Philippines.


Speaking of books, there are several authors that I need to read (before I die). And these books are authored by:

1. Graham Greene
2. Andre Malraux
3. Joseph Conrad
4. Han Suyin
5. Yukio Mishima
6. Italo Svevo

If you have old copies of these books or even e-books, I'll appreciate your donations.

Who Moved My Cheese?

My boss once talked to me and told me to read this book, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. It was an easy to read book. It was almost like a children's story book with it's big font and small size.

One of the most unforgettable lessons I got from this book is asking that question- What would you do if you were not afraid?

Surely, there are hundreds of things that I would love to do. But due to fear of the unknown, I always find myself not doing what I really would have wanted to do.

It is this fear that hinders us to get out of our comfort zones. We are afraid of change, not because of the change but because we're afraid that changing would make it difficult for us.

So I guess in the end I will try to do what I would have done if I was not afraid.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

LIFESTYLE | Male Somatotype

I'm planning to go back to the gym and shed some fat.

Yes, and just like any other normal person working 9hours a day- this mantra has become a fixated idea. But in all honesty, I really need to do some exercise, otherwise I'll end up in the hospital with high blood pressure. Plus I also need some diversion with all the things that are keeping me from doing fun things. Since I am about to do some work out, I found this nice infograph on human body types.

I am an ectomorph. Skinny, small frame and lean muscle mass. I try so hard to develop muscles but I realized that I won't become the body builder type. I wasn't cut for that. But maybe I can just develop what I currently have. (This part was written in 2012 when I was in fact, well- skinny).

Fast forward to 2018, and things have changed a bit. I have gained so much weight (thanks to endless late night meals) and I have swollen into unthinkable proportions. 

These days, when people see me they easily get astounded and gives me the familiar comments- "you've become fatter." And then they quickly neutralize it  with "but it suits you fine." Luckily I have no issue with my self esteem because I still fabulous about myself and about I am. Make no mistake about, this one is an unapologetic proud chubby, beefy, and whatever you may call it.

So to continue, understand that in 2012, I was still an Ectomorph. But people change; lifestyle change and several factors alter people's body type. And I feel that I have now transiitioned to Endomorph. But I firmly believe that somatotypes shouldn't be a reason for people to get in shape.

An ectomorph is a typical  skinny guy. Ecto’s have a light built with small joints and lean muscle. Usually ectomorph’s have long thin limbs with stringy muscles. Shoulders tend to be thin with little width. They  have an excellent model type six pack material if gain some mass with good exercise and eating.

Typical traits of an ectomorph:

Small “delicate” frame and bone structure.
Classic “hardgainer”.
Flat chest.
Small shoulders.
Lean muscle mass.
Finds it hard to gain weight.
Fast metabolism.


Who Is Ectomorph (Photo).

Ectomorph Physiology (Photo).

Sample Workout (for Ectomorph), (Photo).

Endomorph (Photo).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ISO 9000

I'm staring at this book for two days already. This is one of those books that I feel would give some cerebral exercise. It's a good thing really. 

But you know what happens when you go to a gym for the first time, you try all those equipment and feel so enthusiastic. After the work out your body feels like it's going to disengage from it's entirety. 

That's what I'm thinking about starting to read this book. I feel that I would have to adjust/re-adjust my present mental state.

This is an academic training all over again. And tonight I'm really serious not to sleep just to work on what I should have done long ago- fixing our company contracts.

Okay. So I'm not a perfect writer. My boss said that help will be given in case I tumble. Well, I'm really looking forward to that.

But overall, I think this will be a good opportunity for me to redeem myself and prove to everybody else what I am capable of.

I am capable of being somebody and I will have to show them just that by fulfilling my task. That's why tonight, I'll have to sacrifice sleep. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Social Revolution

The Philippines.
It's really interesting to hear how foreign people see this small country. 

The way they see it is totally different from what I know.

They can easily spot the dark patches in the green field, which for some reason we already know but just refuse to accept it as a fact.

Social Class

The Philippines has been so divided- the rich vs. the poor. The rich remains to be rich and the poor don't get any chance to climb the ladder. 

This is what we have received from our ancestors- a society of stratified people. 

What makes this worse is the fact that rich people tend to abuse the poor. Justice system is not even fair, for justice in the Philippines is synonymous to money. Medical care is only available to those who can pay. If you're poor, then you are assured of a very difficult suffering from illness. Shelter is not a basic need for poor people can just sleep anywhere.

Opportunity in the Philippines is lopsided. Rich people can get good jobs because they know people in their industry and they don't need to be that smart to get a good job. It's the connection that rich people have rolled up their sleeves which unfortunately, poor people are lacking of.

In the words of my German friend, this is the product of a post-colonial rule. The values and culture are passed on to the present thus resulting to corruption.

Corruption leads to poverty.
Poverty leads to crime.
Crime leads to chaos.

The Answer

But the real challenge is what people have done to change this landscape.

I told my German friend that Filipinos are naturally passive.
We try to avoid conflict as much as we can.

But the question is WHY? Why are we allowing this to happen?

If there is something wrong, we need to speak up and not let it happen.

Otherwise, it will continue and probably be reinforced.

In Germany, people are sanctioned if they commit an offense.

If we want change in our society, then we have to start it. Initiate it. The leaders are supposed to do this. But as we can see, Philippines leaders have been so caught up with their arguments for the sake of arguing.

The real essence of leadership has been clouded. The real objective has been set aside. Politicians are not elected to effect reforms anymore. They have been reduced to public figures. Nothing more.

If we'd like to see change, then light the fire and set ablaze the field. What we need now is a revolution. Only then can we achieve true social reforms. 

My German friend would half-heartedly suggest killing the rich people since they are the ones who're monopolozing the wealth of the country.

He even said that it is necessary to step out of the line of violence if that is needed to curb corruption. Well, he's probably right. We just have to execute people who have been proven guilty of oppression.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Procrastination : Level 1 to 6

Procrastination. The crime that I am most guilty of. That if you ban procrastination, then I will be a serious offender.

I was going over Facebook this evening and read this nice infograph on procrastination- there are six stages and admittedly, I'm a terminal case.

Maybe I'm just plain old lazy who always finds himself promising not to do what I have done. But I just go back to stage 6 and repeat everything again.

Wish I can get away from this attitude. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

JOURNAL | Tissot, A Worthy Investment

Ever since I was a child, I have been fond of watches. There was even a time that I saved all the money I can save back in elementary just to buy a waterproof watch. After spending my hard saved money, I soaked the watch in water only to find out that I was duped. Great, so the watch is not really waterproof. Just great.

Today, I have known better. I have known that investing money in buying the best watch in the market is worth the trouble. 

Belittling Pinoys.. No Way!

So I went out yesterday to buy my new camera (cheers for that). And I was talking to the Filipino salesman. He tells me how some nationalities particularly Americans and British belittle Filipinos. Sometimes he'll meet some Yankee or Briton talking to him like he's some kind of an idiot.

I just told him that there are just some natural born morons in this world, and he shouldn't waste his time and effort getting affected by the way they treat him. 
Filipinos are far from what they think Filipinos are.

Thus the question, how do Filipinos show to the world of our high caliber and potential?

Prince Harry's Only Human

Prince Harry caught Nude!

I find it rather amusing to see how Prince Harry was spotted frolicking butt naked somewhere in Las Vegas. I mean come on, he's just a man after all. Couldn't really blame him if he couldn't do his wild fantasies inside the walls of the monarch's palace.

No Copyright Infringement Intended. 
This photo was taken from Facebook. 
Credits to whoever photoshopped this. Nice job.

But I mean, it really brings us to the point that no matter what class you belong to- Royal family or poorest of the poor, one thing remains the same- and that is human nature.

Tell us what you think about Prince Harry.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hunger Games



I'm saving my reviews for later but I just can't help upload this wonderful books and a group photo of the tributes. This is certainly one of the best books I've read in my life. I love the people, the story, the action, everything.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sucker Punch : Feminist Reading in a Fantasy World

Overall Rating : 3 / 10

Watching Sucker Punch after days of not being able to see any movie is like drinking water after a long table tennis game. You are delighted by its taste, even if there is really nothing to be delighted about. That is, the movie failed in many aspects.

Failure 1 : Weak Narrative

I thought the story would hold water, but after watching the movie and given enough time to process what the movie was trying to tell- I got lost in the process. 

The movie was supposed to depict the transformation of this scared and shy girl into a survivor- one who does not fear anything. The movie started off with this theme.

However, while the narrative was trying to reach this point where we see the main character- Baby Doll, learn to be stronger, learn to lead her pack; a sudden shift happened when the limelight focused on Sweet Pea. While Baby Doll try to metamorphose into a new "being", Sweet Pea evidently was the one who got a new lease of life.

It wasn't really a problem if the director or screenwriter wanted to make Sweet Pea an unanticipated main antagonist, but the problem was that Sweet Pea didn't have much screen exposure in this movie.

Failure 2 : Weak Portrayal of the Fantasy World vs. Reality

The movie obviously tried to achieve an alternative world setting. Baby Doll envisioned a fantasy world (the brothel), and in that fantasy world is the other layered fantasy world as envisioned by Baby Doll.

It was all too convoluted. It was like trying to watch Inception where you dream inside a dream and so on. 

The real problem with the Fantasy World was that the audience was left guessing which is which in the movie. The alternative world Baby Doll envisioned was clearly a fake one. But the brothel left the audience guessing whether is was real or not.

At the end of the movie, we realize that everything that happened was only in the mind of Baby Doll. And the events that happened in the fantasy world, were all carried out in reality.

To me, it was like reading the novel of Paulo Coehlo where the main antagonist traveled the world just to find the treasure he was looking for was under his very house. The journey became senseless.

Senseless. This is exactly how I felt for Sucker Punch. 

If you try to empower women characters, portray them as somebody who can fight for themselves then they should not have set the movie in a fantasy world. 
Should not have locked Baby Doll in that institution in the end.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

TRAVEL | Camera and Traveling

For a complete and better maintenance of this blog, I think I'll be needing to purchase a digital camera. It's not really that expensive, but I'll appreciate if somebody can donate some funds.

I'm not aiming for DSLR since it is very bulky and inconvenient for travel. Besides, it's not like I am going to be a professional photographer.

The camera would only be an additional source for my blogging. Pictures really help express my stories and I actually find writing with pictures easier. So I'd say I'll go buy camera soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW | Wrath of the Titans

Rating : 4/10

Much as I like Greek Mythology, this movie sadly didn't meet my expectation. It was disappointing to see how twisted and far fetched the movie's plot from the real story.

Maybe it's bound to be like that, you know when you try to screen an established story which everybody knows- like Greek Mythology, you end up getting disappointed. I was at that point where I was actually expecting to see some similarity from the literature. But no. They had to change the whole thing.

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