Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Stat : 62,000 and counting

There is that inexplicable feeling when you see your blog traffic's reaching views you never expect would reach. I only dreamt of probably getting 10,000 views and I would be happy about it. But this is really overwhelming to see that I have reached 60,000 in a matter of 5 years. 

You'll probably say, "So what? Others are reaching millions."

Yes that's right. Others are indeed reaching millions of site traffic and it's because they have proven themselves worth the read. They had the diligence of maintaining their blogs as if it was a career, or maybe it was a real career for some.

For a normal blogger like who's never been into "blogging" per se, this achievement is something that I can call feathers on my hat. Millions has begun from thousands and with proper work and effort, I know I'll be able to reach that million views. 

Just give me time. Thank you.

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