Sunday, June 17, 2012

TRAVEL | Camera and Traveling

For a complete and better maintenance of this blog, I think I'll be needing to purchase a digital camera. It's not really that expensive, but I'll appreciate if somebody can donate some funds.

I'm not aiming for DSLR since it is very bulky and inconvenient for travel. Besides, it's not like I am going to be a professional photographer.

The camera would only be an additional source for my blogging. Pictures really help express my stories and I actually find writing with pictures easier. So I'd say I'll go buy camera soon.

And below is a guide when choosing a camera. Ideally, I should have had the Mirror Less camera but as fate would put it, I got the DSLR.

Anybody care to donate the other cams?


I dream of traveling the World and sharing the experience to everyone who doesn't have the chance to go out of their country for fears of security, of the unknown, etc.

But traveling is not cheap so I have to work and save money before I can live this ultimate dream. If there's only a way to expedite these plans, then it will be so much better.

For now, I just have to settle with the fact that as a middle class citizen, I have to be part of the proletarians and contribute something for the growth of this economy. Whatever.

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