Saturday, June 16, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW | Wrath of the Titans

Rating : 4/10

Much as I like Greek Mythology, this movie sadly didn't meet my expectation. It was disappointing to see how twisted and far fetched the movie's plot from the real story.

Maybe it's bound to be like that, you know when you try to screen an established story which everybody knows- like Greek Mythology, you end up getting disappointed. I was at that point where I was actually expecting to see some similarity from the literature. But no. They had to change the whole thing.

Dying Gods?

One of the things that I just couldn't reconcile in the film was that- gods die. Just the mere fact that they are gods must mean that they are superior and to level them with man is preposterous.

Gods are mankind's refuge in times of troubles. Man hold on to gods through faith, and without god's immortality then there's no hope.

But the movie just had to kill that idea. Couldn't they have thought of something else? Like maybe, being thrown into some other dimension. I mean, come on, just not like stabbing them and they bleed to death and turn to ashes. That's cheap.

Call to Sons of the Gods?

If they really needed sons of the gods, why wouldn't they call on Hercules? Or Theseus? Why did they have to call on some useless demi god- in the form of Agenor, which I've never heard of until today. Funny though because most of Poseidon's sons are monsters.

I just found that Perseus is the forefather of Heracles so Zeus couldn't ask him. Well, point closed.

Point is- the world is collapsing because of Kronos' release. Zeus has many sons with unspeakable power and strength, yet we will settle into some lousy navigator who can't even handle the trident of his father. Come on.

Single Titan?

Kronos is the father of Zeus, et al. of other gods. There were originally twelve Titans who were involved in some sort of war in the beginning of times. It was only Kronos who stood up against his father Uranus, and eventually became the ruler of the universe until the Olympians beat him up.

Kronos was sent to Tartarus, forever to be imprisoned. So it is right after all that Kronos was the lone Titan to be freed by Hades. The other Titans, they just vanished.

Where were the Other Gods

Where were Hera? Aphrodite? Artemis? Apollo? Dionysus? Their absence were not even justified as to where they were. There was an insinuation of their death due to lack of prayers (sounds like starvation), but one can never be sure.

I wish they included these gods as well. Their presence could probably added some value to the movie. I mean Aries was there- the god of War. It was just so unfair.

So I guess I'd say that I didn't enjoy the movie much.

The movie felt so surreal for me, and there was really no connection at any theme. The human angle- love story, was too weak between Perseus and Andromeda. It just didn't work.

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