Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ISO 9000

I'm staring at this book for two days already. This is one of those books that I feel would give some cerebral exercise. It's a good thing really. 

But you know what happens when you go to a gym for the first time, you try all those equipment and feel so enthusiastic. After the work out your body feels like it's going to disengage from it's entirety. 

That's what I'm thinking about starting to read this book. I feel that I would have to adjust/re-adjust my present mental state.

This is an academic training all over again. And tonight I'm really serious not to sleep just to work on what I should have done long ago- fixing our company contracts.

Okay. So I'm not a perfect writer. My boss said that help will be given in case I tumble. Well, I'm really looking forward to that.

But overall, I think this will be a good opportunity for me to redeem myself and prove to everybody else what I am capable of.

I am capable of being somebody and I will have to show them just that by fulfilling my task. That's why tonight, I'll have to sacrifice sleep. 

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