Monday, September 17, 2012

Reading List

I am currently reading Spencer Johnson's second book, The Present. My boss told me that I should also read this one after reading Who Moved My Cheese.

Just like the first book, it is also an easy read. Big fonts and few pages. Wouldn't take you long before you finish it. I'm just finding time to finish this book which I hope I can do at the fastest time.


There are still some other books pending in my reading list. All of these books were lent to me by my boss. I wonder if they are serious in expecting me to read all of them.

Well, I am an avid reader for sure. But I take time when reading. Just not my nature to rush things. So I guess I'll be able to finish all of these before I go back to the Philippines.


Speaking of books, there are several authors that I need to read (before I die). And these books are authored by:

1. Graham Greene
2. Andre Malraux
3. Joseph Conrad
4. Han Suyin
5. Yukio Mishima
6. Italo Svevo

If you have old copies of these books or even e-books, I'll appreciate your donations.

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