Monday, November 19, 2012

New Customs Rule for Imported Goods into Saudi Arabia

Working in the human resources department of my current company, I was exposed to the roller coaster-extra challenging task of getting containers out of customs. 

Of course, my research formative training for five years was maximized- from conceptualization (thinking how to start with the history of Customs) to review of related literature (thanks to google and threads of emails) to statement of the problem (which remains a problem).

Saudi Arabia of course comes close to what is expected of it. The processing of documents will give you enough time to go on vacation and come back to see that the progress does not give you a difficult time to track it from the beginning. Anyhow, my interesting encounter with customs is at par with my driving license- just interesting. 

Effective November 3rd, 2012, the Saudi Customs Authority will require all Customs Declarations (bayan) to indicate payment method for imported goods arriving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Payment method can be cash or remittance or bank credit, or any other payment method. The Customs Declarations (bayan) needs also to indicate Bank name, payment date and reference number.

All supporting documents related to payment need to be attached to the Customs Declarations (bayan).

Failure to comply with this regulation may delay clearing incoming goods into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This come as part of the Saudi Customs Authority efforts to meet the standards of anti-money-laundering activities.

The required doc’s should be one of the below to be provided from the consignee :

1 – Copy of the wire transfer receipt.
2 – Or a copy of the bank cheque.
3 – Or money on credit prof
4 – Or the client if he don’t have the above copies , he should write a letter as per the third attached to choose one of the ways that he bought his shipments t with.
5 – If he don’t have any of the above the client should provide us with an official attested letter how his shipments was paid for it and where , with a proper and convincing explanation.

As of this writing, the shipment has been released by the customs already. I don't really know how the agent did that because I didn't really bother asking. What's important is the shipment is already out and my part already done. One thing out of my hair. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines | DOT Official

I saw this video today and I can't help but share the pride I have for my country. It feels like the Philippines is such a paradise. I must admit that living in this country for 20 years, I have been clueless of how majestic my country is. The video below sums up all words and pride that I feel now.

Anybody wants to visit the Philippines, just contact me and I'll help you find your way through. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

TRAVEL | Recently in Riyadh

Posh Cafe in Thaliya. It was a weekday so not many people around this time. But it can be crowded on Thursday nights.
I find it a bit amusing that I would update my Facebook with all my photos when nobody cares about them anyway. But I still do only because I intend to let the world know the latest on me. Yes, I'm still alive kind of update.

But lately, I started wondering how I can just use photos to narrate my stories. Not that I don't have photos. As a matter of fact, I do have lots of it and that's where the problem starts. I don't know which one to pick. This is really so trivial but this blogging matter is important to me.

I usually look back at what has happened to me in the previous years and I learn (sometimes feel surprised) from all the things I have done.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ghost Fighter & Bioman : Eccentricity of Dialectics (In Short- Nakakatawang Tagalog)

Here's a video that made a laugh yesterday.
For the benefit of those who are not born in the 90's-
1990's was the era of animated cartoons in the Philippines. 
Most of these cartoons were predominantly Japanese from the dawn of Bioman up to the time of Zenki.
They were then called Sentai anime (pron. as 'a-ni-mey') because there were several real actors and actresses playing as super heroes.

Anyhow, below is "Ghost Fighter's" theme.
It was originally in Japanese but the words sounds really funny when interpreted in Filipino.

As I was browsing youtube for this video, I happened to watch another video of this uploader.
This time it's about BIOMAN.

Again for the benefit of the not so familiar, Bioman was one of the Sentai anime which was dubbed in Filipino. It was so credible. What with all the accent and twang of the dubbers, you won't believe they are Filipinos. It was a time when English proficiency was high in the Philippines, and economy was afloat. Now it's just part of history.

Anyhow, below is the Bioman tagalized video:

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