Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ghost Fighter & Bioman : Eccentricity of Dialectics (In Short- Nakakatawang Tagalog)

Here's a video that made a laugh yesterday.
For the benefit of those who are not born in the 90's-
1990's was the era of animated cartoons in the Philippines. 
Most of these cartoons were predominantly Japanese from the dawn of Bioman up to the time of Zenki.
They were then called Sentai anime (pron. as 'a-ni-mey') because there were several real actors and actresses playing as super heroes.

Anyhow, below is "Ghost Fighter's" theme.
It was originally in Japanese but the words sounds really funny when interpreted in Filipino.

As I was browsing youtube for this video, I happened to watch another video of this uploader.
This time it's about BIOMAN.

Again for the benefit of the not so familiar, Bioman was one of the Sentai anime which was dubbed in Filipino. It was so credible. What with all the accent and twang of the dubbers, you won't believe they are Filipinos. It was a time when English proficiency was high in the Philippines, and economy was afloat. Now it's just part of history.

Anyhow, below is the Bioman tagalized video:

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