Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 New Year's Resolutions

Four days to go before 2013 so I need to write down the resolutions that I have to achieve for this year. Take note- I need to achieve them this year and that's it. No excuses. 2012 has proven to be a tough time for all- the Philippine economy, politics, education. Even Manny Pacquaio had a rough time against Marquez. Janine Tugonon was not able to bring home the crown although I must say that the US needed that title more than the Philippines. Not to mention the epic failure of the Mayan Calendar... damn, I was waiting for that one.

The point is I have to be more committed to these resolutions that I am going to project for this whole year.

1) Lose weight & tone muscle for Summer's beach party... Boracay would probably be the venue.
2) Be more organized. Let's just say that I am not the tidy kind of person and as what my mom would say, "are you a snake, leaving your things around"
3) Be more OC. As in obssessive compulsive. It's not easy to develop a habit. I mean breaking a habit is difficult, but creating a habit is even more.
4) Read one book per month. Doesn't really matter what book, just read for brain's sake. I think my brain has become stupor for the longest time.
5) Start writing the book to be published. I plan to finish the book this year and submit for publication by December 2013.
6)Submit my scholarship in Korea, Japan or UK. Long overdue.
7) Open time deposit in Citibank, which offers the highest interest rate in the country at X.XX%
8) First quarter of the year, finish the company manual. And for that, I summon all the muses in Olympus to guide me on how to work on this.

There are some resolutions from 2012 which I would like to resurrect-

9) Sleep early... which means around 10pm.
10) Purchase & eat healthy food. Okay, enough of canned food. Start cooking.
11) Exercise. Jog and push ups can do.
12) Clean bed every week. Please do this.
13) Be conscious of physical appearance. If you need to buy men's fashion magazine then do so.
14) Travel, travel, travel. The only place I traveled this 2012 is my room and office.
15) Don't procrastinate. Imagine that I am from a Western Country with a different perception on time. 
16) Plan for the future house. Start from hometown, then move on to the city.
17) Write the observation diary. I think I have a few pages.
18) Do the OFW documentary.

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012 - Evaluation

I was having a break from my transcription work, when I found my 2012 New Year's Resolutions. Oddly, I was not able to blog this so I'll be doing an evaluation before proceeding with my 2013 resolutions:

4. Save money. (Hah! Got this one.. achieved!)
7. Purchase target gadgets for 2012. (Achieved!)
11. Build my social network. (I think I did. Achieved!)
12. Be more detail-oriented. (Due to work demand, yes.. achieved)
14. Take a break. (Achieved)
17. Start the business with friends. (Achieved)

1. Sleep early. (If 12 midnight counts early then I'm still in, but otherwise failed)
2. Purchase and eat healthy foods. (Lemme see, my diet consisted mainly of canned foods and juices.. failed)
3. Exercise. (I used to do yoga and table tennis, but they all stopped and I.. failed)
5. Clean my bed every week. (I didn't have even time to do the laundry.. failed)
6. Be conscious about my physical appearance. (Everyday, people noticed how fat I have become and how big my belly has turned... failed)
8. Travel one foreign and one local places. (Was supposed to go to Turkey for my vacation.. failed)
13. Don't procrastinate. (Epic failed)
15. Don't be perfectionist. (Failed)
16. Prepare for future house. (Failed)
18. Start the "observation" diary. (Failed)

9. Find prospective scholarship in Europe or USA. (I'm getting there.. pending)
10. Finish the OFW documentary. (I plan to make a video docu of my fellow OFWs before I leave.. pending)


  • Out of the 18 resolutions I made in 2012, I was able to fulfill 6, and 2 are still pending. This 33% achievement rate for me is still a failure. 
  • The 6 achieved resolutions are all related to corporate work.
  • The 2 pending are for future matters and not a high priority.
  • The remaining 10 resolutions all refers to my physical being which apparently has not been given much attention. Sadly, it only means that I have not been good to myself. Slaving from work and giving more weight to work.


This only means that I need to put more effort and attention to my health and well-being in 2013.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of Times

I'm pondering about the upcoming end of the world. I horse around the idea that everything will finally reach its final day; that the human race is going to be extinct the same way that dinosaurs have disappeared. There's really no telling.

Tonight, there has been a meteor shower and this is ominous of the events that shall take place in 8 days. December 21st was the predicted day that the world will end. 

At this point, I really have no qualms about the world ending; about life vanishing. I have existed long enough to see that human beings have no part in this circle of life.

Will I finally meet my God? The God that I know has been with me all the time. Not the God that my society has so long wanted me to believe in.

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