Friday, December 14, 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012 - Evaluation

I was having a break from my transcription work, when I found my 2012 New Year's Resolutions. Oddly, I was not able to blog this so I'll be doing an evaluation before proceeding with my 2013 resolutions:

4. Save money. (Hah! Got this one.. achieved!)
7. Purchase target gadgets for 2012. (Achieved!)
11. Build my social network. (I think I did. Achieved!)
12. Be more detail-oriented. (Due to work demand, yes.. achieved)
14. Take a break. (Achieved)
17. Start the business with friends. (Achieved)

1. Sleep early. (If 12 midnight counts early then I'm still in, but otherwise failed)
2. Purchase and eat healthy foods. (Lemme see, my diet consisted mainly of canned foods and juices.. failed)
3. Exercise. (I used to do yoga and table tennis, but they all stopped and I.. failed)
5. Clean my bed every week. (I didn't have even time to do the laundry.. failed)
6. Be conscious about my physical appearance. (Everyday, people noticed how fat I have become and how big my belly has turned... failed)
8. Travel one foreign and one local places. (Was supposed to go to Turkey for my vacation.. failed)
13. Don't procrastinate. (Epic failed)
15. Don't be perfectionist. (Failed)
16. Prepare for future house. (Failed)
18. Start the "observation" diary. (Failed)

9. Find prospective scholarship in Europe or USA. (I'm getting there.. pending)
10. Finish the OFW documentary. (I plan to make a video docu of my fellow OFWs before I leave.. pending)


  • Out of the 18 resolutions I made in 2012, I was able to fulfill 6, and 2 are still pending. This 33% achievement rate for me is still a failure. 
  • The 6 achieved resolutions are all related to corporate work.
  • The 2 pending are for future matters and not a high priority.
  • The remaining 10 resolutions all refers to my physical being which apparently has not been given much attention. Sadly, it only means that I have not been good to myself. Slaving from work and giving more weight to work.


This only means that I need to put more effort and attention to my health and well-being in 2013.

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