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CORPORATE | Oman Employment Visa Application Series : International Diagnostic Center, Inc.

This continues the saga of the medical test for Oman Visa. This entry will provide a guide on how to find GAMCA Office and the accredited clinic.

In my previous blog, we find the guide in processing the Oman medical test.

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Finding GAMCA Office

Note: GAMCA referral has been abolished by POEA. Please SKIP this part and proceed to your preferred clinics.

1. Get off LRT or jeepney at Padre Faura Street (LRT's nearest stop is United Nations so just walk to get to Padre Faura).

2. Upon reaching the corner by the end of UP Manila, you will find an alley(I forgot the name of the alley but this is the end of UP Manila). Make sure that Robinson's is on your left side across the road.

3. Turn to this alley and walk a few meters and you will find St. Luke's Clinic (but it's easier to spot this white building which is for processing Australia Visa).

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CORPORATE | Oman Employment Visa Application Series : GAMCA

Updated as of June 9, 2016

While it is true that DOH has abolished the GAMCA referrals, direct hiring is still a possible route for overseas employment medical testing.
  • The procedure is simple, just go to your accredited DOH Clinic and ask if they can conduct a medical test for your specific country.
  • Note: Each GCC country for instance will have their own medical test requirements and vaccinations, so it is important that you mention this to your physician.
  • If the clinic accepts your request, you will be asked to sign a form (which replaces the GAMCA referral). And you can proceed to the regular medical procedure.

CORPORATE | Oman Employment Visa Application Series : Search for the GAMCA

Another chapter in my life is yet to unfold. This time it's going to be Oman. I have very little knowledge of the country aside from the fact that it is in the Middle East. I previously worked in Saudi Arabia so I am expecting to have similar working environment. Anyhow, it looks like fate has already sealed this path. I originally intended to pursue higher studies but certain factors like personal investment and family expenses are always part of the bigger picture. This is the reason I decided to put my personal goal aside and focus on more pressing things.

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BOOK | Unacceptable English

Here's a rundown of some unacceptable English:

1. Slang
Known as argot but generally recognized by many
Indicates a particular time
A form of cultural resistance

2. Colloquial English
From the word lokus meaning "lost sign"
Pronunciation is altered
Words are conjugated

3. Tautology
Also known as redundancy

4. Malapropism
Confusion with the meaning of words e.g. effect vs. affect

5. Barbarism
Using words that are not quite appropriate in a certain culture e.g. finalize, impacted, enthused

Activation-Synthesis Model of Dreaming

Here's an article I found at the back of my psychology notebook. Back in UP Diliman, I was so fond of staying in the General Reference Section of the library (on the first floor) to study for some exam, but most of the time I find myself jotting down some trivial information on things that capture my attention. That time I chanced upon this book on dreams and started reading. 

The Activation-Synthesis Model of dreaming was proposed in 1977 by Robert McCarley and J. Allan Hobson of Harvard Medical School. Examining the purely physiological correlates of dreaming, Hobson and McCarley believed that they had put forward a hypothesis that rejected the notion that dreams are meaningful, especially as this notion was formulated by Sigmund Freud and promulgated in the tradition of dream interpretation he initiated.

During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the stage of sleep most closely connected with dreaming, a portion of the dreams called the pons (located in the primitive midbrain) generates electrical signals that go to many different brain areas, including those associated with motor activities, sensory activities, and conscious thought. Hobson and McCarley hypothesized that one of the effects of this electrical activity is to send a series of essentially random images, feelings and so forth to the higher mental centers of the forebrain. This is the "activation" stage of the theory.

BOOK | Freedom of Expression : An Analysis of Its Veracity

We go through our lives not noticing the ambiguities of social realities. For instance, demonstrators who rally and picket in every corner of our university would argue that it is their right to exercise freedom of expression, moreso of speech. But if we think about it, the freedom of expression that people exercise is not out and out. Our constitution holds that like other rights, the freedom of expression is not absolute. It should be exercised within the bounds of laws enacted for the promotion of social interests. Certain types of expression are penalized because they impede social interest. The question now is this: In interpersonal level of communication, is there really such a thing as the concept of "freedom of expression?" Do humans really have that freedom to express what they want?

BOOK | Ferdinand Edralin Marcos : Triumph and Fall

This was a piece I made for my political science subject. I basically discussed how Marcos plundered the country and left the Philippines in pieces. But when I think of how Marcos wanted so much to give Philippines a sense of sovereignty by changing the name "Philippines" into "Maharlika" (in order to free ourselves from the shadows of Spanish colonial rule), by fervently advocating a Parliamentary type of government (as Filipinos were never ready for a Democratic type), etc. I cannot help but think that Marcos could have realized some important truths that most Filipinos especially the ones at the top, would instantly block. Just because changes will shuffle the existing status quo that we are currently locked in.

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BOOK | Qualitative Research : Advantage of this Paradigm

Qualitative research emphasizes study and observation of phenomena using techniques like case study, personal experience, introspection, etc. which facilitates in-depth probing of research data. In other words, qualitative captures the human-ness of the informants. The researcher is able to gather details like perceptions, thoughts, etc. without reducing them to mere numerical variables. Qualitative studies' subjects such as people and places are taken holistically. More than anything else, qualitative perspective enables researchers to know what is behind human behaviour and why such is happening.

BOOK | Boethius and Buddhist Philosophy on Desire and Suffering

Buddhists believe that man suffers because of tanha (desire). Man desires wealth, power, fame, honor and bodily pleasure. These causes man to suffer as Boethius identified the reasons why in the process of desiring, man becomes miserable. Boethius pointed out that man's desire for wealth will strip him off from security; desire for fame and honor will strip him off from privacy; desire for bodily pleasure will strip him off from health. Analyzing carefully, we see that Boethius' and Buddhist's framework constitutes the same principles. First, Buddhists believe that for dukkha (suffering) to be overcome, he should let desires go. Boethius tells us that for man to be free from suffering, he should seek the highest good which is God. Both philosophies adheres to lift suffering from man by letting desires go.


From old file, Philosophy 10, July 28, 2004

BOOK | Nyaya Epistemological Framework

Nyaya Epistemological Framework is the synthesis of both Western and Eastern theories of truth. It is similar to Western theories of truth in a way that it believes that to be able to verify the validity of truth, coherence and correspondence should both be used. Nyaya also posits the truth similar to the rationalist and empiricist view because it relies on facts and logic. It is distinct from Western theories of truth however because it was mixed with Eastern traditions that focuses more on the spiritual aspects of truth.


From old files, Philosophy 10, July 28, 2004

BOOK | Indian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy

The Indian Philosophy focuses on the spiritual way of living and salvation of mankind. There are seven major beliefs in this philosophy which include: (1) Concentration on the spiritual; (2) Introspective attitude and introspective approach to reality; (3) Intimate relationship of religion and philosophy; (4) Monastic idealism; (5) Using reason but intuition as the only accepted method through which ultimate truth can be known; (6) Acceptance of authority to preserve tradition; and (7) Overall synthetic tradition/approach to reason and experience.

Propaganda : Isang Maikling Kasaysayan

Ang kilusang Propaganda ay samahan ng mga ilustradong Pilipino na nagsipag-aral sa ibang bansa. Palibahasa'y marurunong, batid nila ang mga kalabisan na ginagawa ng mga Kastila sa Filipinas. Bilang may kaya sa lipunan, naisipan nilang itayo ang Propaganda upang maipabatid sa Espanya ang mga repormang sa tingin nila ay dapat ipatupad sa bansang Filipinas.

Ang Propaganda ay kilala sa pangunguna nina Marceol H. Del Pilar (tubong Bulakan) na mahusay sumulat. Naging tanyag si Del Pilar dahil sa angkin niyang husay sa pagpuna sa mga bagay bagay sa lipunan. Mahilig magbiro si Del Pilar na higit nagpasikat sa kanya. 

Kasama rin sa grupo si Graciano Lopez Jaena. Naging usap usapan na may problema si Jaena sa pag-iisip subalit naging bantog dahil sa talas ng pananalita. Siya ang unang naging patnugot ng pahayagan ng Propaganda- La Solidaridad. 

Syempre, kabilang dito si Jose Rizal. Hindi lingid sa marami ang sari saring karangalan na kanyang natamo. Si Rizal, kasama sina Del Pilar at Jaena ang tatlong pangunahing karakter sa likod ng Propaganda.

Ang kilusang Propaganda ay naka-angkla sa repormasyon o pagbabago ng sistema. Hindi nila isinulong ang pagsasarili bagkus ay ipinanukala nila na magkaroon ng asimilasyon o pagkilala sa Pilipinas bilang lehitimong kolonya ng Espanya. Iginiit nila na sapagkat nagbabayad ng buwis ang mga Pilipino sa pamahalaang Kastila ay nararapat lamang na tanggapin ng Filipinas ang kaukulang pribilehiyo.

Isinulong ng mga propagandista na magkaroon ang Filipinas ng representante sa Cortes ng Espanya. Gayundin naman, isinulong nila na maging pantay ang mga Pilipino at Kastila sa Filipinas. 

Upang maiparating ang mga reporma sa pamahalaang Espanya, itinatag ng mga propagandista ang Asociacion Hispano-Filipino na nagsilbing lobby group. Sa kabilang dako'y ginamit ang La Solidaridad, opisyal na pahayagan ng samahan, upang ipabatid ang pang-aabuso ng mga Kastila. Naging kaagapay din ng mga propagandista ang masonry upang humikayat ng mas maraming kaanib.

Sa kasamaang palad ay hindi nagtagal ang Propaganda. Nawalan ng saysay ang kanilang mga ipinaglaban. Isa sa mga dahilan ng pagbagsak ng samahan ang namuong inggitin at kakulangan sa pondo. Si Del Pilar at Jaena ay kapwa namatay sa sakit. Si Rizal ay nagtatag ng La Liga Filipina bago mapatay ng mga Kastila.

Hango mula sa mga lumang tala, Kasaysayan 1, February 20, 2006

BOOK | Muslim sa Mindanao sa Pananakop ng mga Kastila

Ang mga taga-Mindanao sa pananakop ng mga Kastila ay naging matigas sa mga pagtatangkang pagsakop ng mga dayuhan. Hindi sila sumang-ayon na makipag-isa sa mga Kastila lalo't higit magpa-alipin sa mga ito. Mas naging mabagsik ang mga taga-Mindanao sa mga Kastila dahil pinipilit ng mga dayuhan na gawin silang mga binyagan samantalang matatag na ang Mohamedismo sa Mindanao ng mga panahong yaon.

Ang pinunong si Sultan Alimudin bagamat nakipagkasundo sa pamahalaang Kastila noon na magiging maluwag sa mga Kastilang misyoneryo ay bumalik pa rin sa Islam dahil sa paniniwalang hindi dapat hayaang makapasok ang mga Kastila sa Mindanao. Si Sultan Alimudin ay pinuno noon sa Mindanao at dahil siya ay naging mabait sa mga Kastila, siya ay inagawan ng trono ng kanyang kapatid.

Iniutos pa ng kapatid ni Sultan Alimudin na ipapatay ito. Dahil sa mga pangyayari'y napilitan sumapi muli sa panig ng mga Kastila si Sultan Alimudin. Sa kasamaang palad, nalaman ng mga Kastila na patuloy na nakikipag ugnayan si Alimudin sa ibang mga Muslim kaya ito ay ipinakulong. 

Sa buong pananatili ng mga Kastila sa Pilipinas, naging kabi-kabila ang palitan ng lakas sa pagitan ng pwersang Kastila at Muslim. Naging mabalasik ang mga Muslim noon kaya't bawat bayan na kanilang sinasalakay ay kanilang nilulotlot at sinusunog ang mga kabahayan. Naging mapayapa na lamang ang relasyon ng dalawa ng makipagkasundo si Sultan Kudarat sa pamahalaan.


Hango mula sa mga lumang tala, Kasaysayan 1, February 20, 2006

Filipino Affection

Of the three interpersonal needs of an individual (e.g. inclusion, control, and affection) affection occupies the Filipino mindset. This might be the reason why Filipinos are very personal and family oriented because they long to have someone to show them care and interest. Affection may easily be translated into "longing for love." Everything about love whether platonic, familial or romantic love, Filipinos love the feeling of having someone by their side and thinking that they will never be alone because there will always be someone to rely on. That is why once Filipinos make friends even if meeting those friends is just a matter of hours, they strive to win the acquaintance's approval. This is the impact Filipinos create in their society. In this regard, affection and the hope of winning as much love and attention , Filipinos have become polite, courteous and hospitable. These are the traits that foreigners easily recognize. This also sets Filipinos a stand out among other Asian nations. 

From my old files, Qualitative Research 100, January 30, 2006

Signs That You Are Pinoy

For my foreign friends and fellow Filipinos as well, here is a run down of the things that define what Filipinos are from an insider's perspective:

You are a Filipino if...

1) You nod your head upwards to greet someone.

2) Your other piece of luggage is a balikbayan box.

3) You use an umbrella for a shade on hot summer days.

4) You collect items from hotels or restaurants as souvenirs.

5) For you, a yellow light means 'go faster.'

6) You turn around when you hear 'psssssssstttttttt'

7) You were raised believing every Filipino was an aunt and uncle.

8) You use your fingers to measure the water when cooking rice.

9) You know it's fun to eat with your hand and even have it down as a technique.

10) You wash and re-use plastic utensils and styrofoam cups.

11) You own either a Karaoke, a Magic Singing Mic or both.

12) You have a giant wooden spoon and fork hanging in your dining room.

13) You have a Sto. Nino shrine in your living room.

14) You point with your lips.

15) You say 'kodakan' instead of take a picture.

16) When they play 'anak' anywhere your chest swells with pride and say that's Filipino.

17) You use print rags from imported fashion magazines as cover of your textbooks and notebooks.

18) You have a tabo in your bathroom.

19) You have a rosary on your car rear view mirror.

20) Your parents call each other 'mommy' and 'daddy'

21) You think 'tuck out' is the opposite opposite of 'tuck in'

22) You're standing next to eight big boxes at the airport.

23) You have a portrait of the last supper hanging on your dining room wall.

24) You add an unwarranted "H" to your name: jHun, bHoy, rHon, saHmmeeH

25) The food container in your 'ref' contains three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.

26) Your living room wall is filled with framed diplomas and plaques of family members.

27) You have an auntie girlie, a lola baby or an uncle boy.

28) A meal is not a meal without rice.

29) Your car chirps like a bird or plays a tune in reverse.

30) You make the sign of the cross every time you pass by a church.

31) The Christmas season begins in September and ends in January.

32) You know someone with a name that repeats itself, i.e. jon-jon, len-len, jong-jong or bing-bing

33) You pronounce the ff words as 'hippopo-TA-mus', 'com-FOR-table', 'bro-CO-li'

34) Church is a must on Sundays

35) You 'open' and 'close' the lights instead of turning it on or off.

36) You cover your living room furniture with bed sheets.

37) When you don't know what to say next, you say "you know..."

38) You say 'cutex' instead of nail polish.

39) You keep used batteries.

40) Your microwave, TV, computer, printer, toasters are hidden under quilted covers.

41) 'Ano' and 'di ba' regularly slip out during conversations.

42) You dip bread in your morning coffee.

43) Your mom puts sugar and hotdogs in her spaghetti.

44) You do not try to avoid pedestrians.

45) You can't make a purchase without haggling.

46) You have a fly swatter in your kitchen.

47) You can squeeze 15 passengers into your 5-seater vehicle.

48) You're on "FILIPINO TIME"

49) A meal is best with patis, toyo, vinegar, banana catsup or bagoong.

50) You know that 'OA' = Overacting, 'DOM' = Dirty Old Man, and 'TNT' = for the other kind of OFW.

51) You say 'FOR A WHILE' instead of 'PLEASE HOLD' on the telephone.

52) Your lampshades still have plastic covers on them.

53) You were punished by kneeling on rice.

From my old notebook...

Rituals of the Filipinos


Rituals are traditions and periodical practices. Filipino centrality of rituals confirm Filipino Communicative Behaviour. This is because Filipinos have so many values that reinforces rituals. One of these values is the concept of pakikisama (camaraderie). This value is so strong that a Filipino is expected to go with the flow (e.g. Christmas and New Year preparations of food, decorations, gifts, etc.) Another concept Filipinos uniquely possess is hiya (shame). It is so entrenched in Filipinos that one is compelled to bite the bullet just to show that they follow rituals. Otherwise a Filipino may suffer from ostracism from his community and may lose face which is highly valued by Filipinos.

From my old files, Qualitative Research 100, January 30, 2006

Communication Theories

Communication Process As Espoused by Laswell

Harold Laswell, proponent of the linear equation (e.g. the process has no feedback) stated his infamous process: who - says what - thru what channel - to whom - and with what effect. This process of communication aims to determine the significance of the source or sender, the message, the channel, the receiver and the effect that the message has as a whole.

The Transmission Model

The Transmission Model is easily defined as the most common paradigm and frequently used method of communication. According to this model, a sender may transfer meanings and the receiver shall process cognitively the meanings sent to him by the receiver. This model is highly used in information dissemination and propaganda.

Encoding and Decoding of Media Discourse : A Reception Model

The reception model reminds us that meanings are not only created by media sources but rather the receiver creates his own interpretation of the message. The location of this model is on the attribution and creation of meanings in the receiver. A message will be interpreted by a receiver depending on the receiver's context and culture.

The Meta Perception

The concept of meta perception based on Laing's Theory states that our experiences are based on our imagination, perception and memory. That is why we can imagine the future, perceive the present and recall the past. Moreover, one's communicative behaviour is largely shaped by one's perceptions (experiences) of the relationships with other communicators.

The Attribution Theory As It Affects Relationships Between People

Attribution theory aims to explain ways people infer causes for behaviour. This theory postulates three important factors: (1) People attempt to determine causes of behaviour, (2) People systematically asserts causes and (3) The attributed causes affect a perceiver's own feelings and needs.

From my old files, Qualitative Research 100, January 30, 2006

Crossing the Line : When Advertising Gets Insidious

Insidious advertising or stealth marketing is an unethical issue in the media industry but has become so prevalent mediamen have learned to swallow it. In print media's news and advertising sections, ethics has become a clashing issue. The interest of the other simply cannot jive with the other one. Both compete for space in the newspaper with a normal distribution of 55:45 in favor of advertising.

The Print Media

It is depressing to know that advertising has the last say in print media knowing that advertisers can easily pull out accounts if whims are not followed. That goes too say that one cannot be too ideal in print because chances are people who have money will still be the ones to decide which should be written where. 

And ordinary people have nothing much to say about this. Voices of the ordinary reader do not come in the equation. 

But then again, can principle alone defend us from the clutches of self-interest of certain individuals?

As what media ethics posits, mere principle alone can conflict with the real world setting but what is important is not the temporal effect but the lasting reformation of a twisted belief. If for example, in an office, people have become so drowned in the rotten system, how are we to expect change?

To counter the flow is really difficult but the effect is for the future individuals to stop going with the flow but start standing by ones principles that would not compromise credibility.

In Broadcasting

In the broadcast industry, the situation is the same. Money is the universal language. Credibility is influenced by who holds money- the advertisers. Stations whether on TV or radio has become obsessed with ratings to entice advertisers which has become a necessary evil. Broadcasting expenses are so high media companies cannot afford to pay them all without the assistance from advertisers.

So the question is what to do with the advertisers? 

In reality, we need not compromise media credibility with advertising. Sometimes it takes courage to say no and maintain integrity. But where do we draw the line between being a responsible media practitioner and doing business?

It's really tough to decided on this but as a rule of thumb, if advertising is already becoming the content of the media then there is certainly a problem that should be resolved.

Media should give the people they need in the form that they want.

From my old files, Media Ethics, March 24, 2009

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BOOK | Internationalization of the Bangsamoro Struggle : Book Critique

The Internationalization of the Bangsamoro Struggle is important to the study of Philippine politics and government in a way that it shows the disparity between Philippine government and the Muslims in the South, especially those who are involved with the armed group (which I refuse to call rebels). These armed people esp. the MNLF has this ideology which Christians do not understand.

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Kulturang Popular : Resistance at Evasion

Isang magandang pagkakataon ang matalakay sa papel na ito kung ano ba para sa akin ang mas matimbang hinggil sa isyung inilatag ni Stuart Hall- evasion o resistance? Ayon kasi kay Hall, ang popular culture ay ang patuloy na tunggalian ng mga dominante/elitista at ng masa. Kaugnay nito, ang kulturang popular ay maituturing rin na kultura ng mga subordinates na hindi tumatanggap sa kanilang subordination. 

Medyo kumplikado na ba?!

Sa madaling sabi, ang kulturang popular ay ang walang tapos na pag-aagawan ng kapangyarihan/control at pagpapanatili nito sa mga dominant na uri ng ating lipunan upang isulong ang pansariling mga interes.

Evasion at Resistance : Saan Ka Ba Kabilang?

Sa pang-araw araw nating pakikisalamuha sa ibang tao, isama mo na rin ang interaksyon sa ginagalawang lipunan; mahirap maituro kung saan tayo kumikiling- resistance ba o evasion na? Maaari kasing mangyari na hindi mo batid na humuhugot ka ng kasiyahan sa isang produkto ng kulturang popular (example: mga soap opera sa TV, latest hit song, etc.) o maaaring may malalim na kahulugan ito para sa yo. 

Maaari rin namang evasion pala ang oryentasyon mo.

Sariling Halimbawa- Harry Potter

Natatawa ka siguro sa napili kong halimbawa. Sa totoo lang, noong una ay ayaw ko talaga sa Harry Potter dahil para sa akin ito ay pag-aaksaya lamang ng oras. Tawag ko pa nga noon sa aklat na ito ay Harry the Potter dahil kasabayan ito ng palabas ni Maricel Soriano na Mary the Potter. 

Subalit noong mabasa ko yung unang libro ng Harry Potter, bigla ako na-adik. Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit (subukan mo rin basahin). Halos lahat ng produkto ng Harry Potter ay ninais kong bilhin. Bawat pelikula ay tiniyak kong mapanood. 

Nagkaroon ako ng inspirasyon sa katauhan ni Hermione Granger bilang mahusay siyang mag-aaral at sinikap ko na maging katulad niya.

Sa puntong ito pumapasok ang katanungan- Bakit nga ba ganun na lamang ang lawak ng epekto ng isang produkto ng kulturang popular sa akin?

Kung ang evasion ay ang pag-derive o paghugot ng pleasure sa mga produkto ng kulturang popular, maaaring evasion nga ang ginagawa ko sa pagtangkilik sa Harry Potter dahil kahit alam ko na niloloko lang ako ng nobelang ito; kahit imposibleng mangyari ang nakasaad sa aklat, ay patuloy akong nasisiyahan sa pagbabasa.

Evasion At Pagtakas Sa Realidad

Hindi na lang basta panlilinlang sa sarili ang ginawa ko. Naging daan ang produkto ng kulturang popular upang makatakas sa realidad. Sa pamamagitan ng libro ay nagawa kong mabuhay sa isang mundong masaya at balot ng hiwaga; kung saan ang bida ay palaging nananalo sa huli.

Masarap sa pakiradam na magkaroon ng ganitong klase ng mundo. Isang uri ng utopia na kung saan lahat ay perpekto at ito ang naging bunga ng aking evasion. Ginamit ko ang pleasure sa usapin ng power struggle upang mapa-ilalim sa power blocs.

Pagpuna sa Bakya

Subalit ang pagbabasa ko ng Harry Potter ay naging isang mahinang uri din naman ng resistance. Natuto ako kung paano maging kritikal sa ibang produkto ng kulturang popular. Inilagay kong batayan ang Harry Potter sa pagsipat sa mga akdang Filipino o yung mga pocket books na mabibili mo ng 15 to 20 Pesos sa palengke. 

Sa paki wari ko ay hindi "bakya" ang Harry Potter dahil mga elitista at may pera lang ang nakakabasa nito. Ngunit naisip ko, ano nga ba naman ang pinagkaiba ng Harry Potter sa mga pocket books? Kapwa naman ito naglalaman ng mga kwentong walang katuturan.

Dahil ba ang pocket book  nakasulat sa Tagalog kaya ito ay bakya?

Marami sa atin ang nag-iisip na tanging mga nakasulat lamang sa Ingles ang dapat na ituring na mahusay. At ang Tagalog ay para lamang sa masa.

Kongklusyon at Pagtatapos

Hindi ko pa rin masasabi na mas malakas na ang aking resistance kesa evasion. Patuloy akong humugot ng ligaya sa mga produkto ng kulturang popular. Ang alam ko lang, conscious ako na dapat ay maging kapaki-pakinabang ang isang bagay sa aking pakikisalamuha sa ibang tao at sa aking sarili.

Hango mula sa mga lumang tala, Panitikan ng Pilipinas 17

Spelling Booboos...

I must admit that spelling was rather a challenge for me back in high school. I was looking through my old high school test papers and I found some rather funny spelling I made during a short quiz.

Vanal = X
The correct spelling is Banal.
I just thought that "Banal" was too Tagalog so I opted to use "V" instead of "B"

Dane = X
The correct spelling is Deign
But seriously, there's a word such as Great Dane, so I trusted my guts

Fasaute = X
The correct spelling is Facade
Okay, this is a French word and not English

Hayday = X
The correct spelling is Heyday
It's funny when you read it in Tagalog, "Hay day..." it's like whining on your housemaid

Havias Corpus = X
The correct spelling is Habeas Corpus
Don't blame me. I wasn't born during Marcos regime

Gnu = X
The correct spelling is Gnome
I swear I didn't hear the complete word because I was busy thinking about "Havias"

Dante's Peak: Reasoning as God's Gift

"The capacity to know and understand things for reasoning is a gift from God."

Sometimes when people are cornered in the middle of urgency, they have to stand and know where they should be. This is the reason why God gifted us with the intellect and be higher than any form of animal.

The movie depicted a story of knowing what decision they should make which comes under conceptualism and judgment. Some of the officers in the movie tried their best to warn everybody. This warning was relayed to everybody and the only thing that the people had to do was to follow instructions and add some careful measures.

But reasoning did not force them to move and this resulted to the death of many citizens of the town when the mountain erupted. Some of the people though knew what to do so they managed to escape the perils of the eruption.

Lasly, God gave us the capacity to become aware. If we use this gift wisely then all of us will be saved and have counter measures when faced with adversities.

From my old files, Morality, June 21, 2001

The Mummy Returns : Historical Context

Rick O'Connel with his wife Evelyn once again went to Egypt to gather some artifacts. They have found a bracelet called "Bracelet of Anubis" which had been worn by Alex (the son of Rick and Evelyn).

Imhotep has risen through the reincarnation ritual of Anak Su Namun, Imhotep tried to steal the Scorpion King's army by abducting Alex. Seven days before the Scorpion King could rise from the dead, Rick and Evely found the trail to Alex's location.

Rick and Evelyn thought everything was over after reaching the temple, but everything turned out to be worse. Evelyn was killed by the reincaration of Anak Su Namun. Imhotep on the other hand lost his immortality after Anubis took it from him. Rick fought with Imhotep eventually killing the latter. Later on, Rick was able to kill the Scorpion King which also destroyed Anubi's army.

Incidents in the Film Depicting History

First, the war between the army of the Scorpion King and the Meji's, alongside the temple of Thebes showed that in ancient Egypt several conquerors came to colonize Egypt due to its rich resources.

Second, the levitation of water through Imhotep's power showed that although Egypt is predominantly arid, water abounds flowing from River Nile making the land productive.

Historical Relevance of the Film

In ancient times, the Egyptians use mysticism unknown to other human civilizations. Examples of these mystic practices are the construction of the pyramids, sphinx statues, and mummies among others. The film also showed the influence of pharaohs in forming strong armies to conquer other nations.

From my old files, Social Studies, July 11, 2001


Ang zarsuela ay isang pagtatanghal na ginagamitan ng iba't ibang awitin bilang pangunahing paraan ng pag-uusap. Ito ay nagsisilbing instrumento para sa mga naunang Pilipino upang makapaghayag ng mga saloobin at kuro-kuro. Karaniwan nang pinapaksa ng mga zarsuela noong una ang mga tungkol sa pag-ibig subalit maaari rin naman itong tumalakay sa kasalukuyang panahon at pumuna sa mga bagay-bagay na di kanais-nais.

Ang zarsuela ay ipinakilala ng mga Kastila sa Pilipinas, subalit noon lamang 1914s sumikat ng husto. Gayunpaman ay hindi din ito nagtagal at sa paglaon ay napalitan ng bodabil o vaudeville. Ilan sa mga zarsuelang naitanghal sa ating bansa ay "Pag-ibig Sa Tinubuang Lupa" at "Dalagang Bukid."

Hango mula sa aking mga lumang tala, August 2, 2001

Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost Losing It

There's a thing called limit, and by limit I mean that point where the brain cannot process any logical function. I am in that state right now but what makes this really worse is that my Internet connection is nothing faster than a lazy turtle/slug. Damn, I am at the edge of my patience. Just at the brink of losing it. A little more and I will hurdling this laptop on the nearest wall. !@#$ this Internet speed. It's just driving me crazy.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rain Is Here

It's now raining in my hometown. It's only the middle of May and yet the heaven has decided to pour it out. I am not a fan of Summer either and between the heat of Summer against the inconvenience of rain, I'll prefer the rain. Summer for some reason irritates me, literally. I get all rashes in my body I feel like I am sick with some infectious disease. And it's really cumbersome.

Well at least the rain only makes the sky dark but also makes the air cooler. An opportunity for me to breathe. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Risk Taker

I am embarking on another journey, oblivious of what is waiting at the end of the tunnel. Nothing is clear except for the fact that I am walking through something I have not walked before. It's sort of scary to think of the "uncertainty" but not knowing what lies ahead makes the journey even more exciting.

I am 27. Still at my prime, I venture into things that do not really make sense at all. But such is my personality- risk taker.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Start Planning

I'm already in the first week of May and I have no concrete plans for my summer vacation yet. For the past week, my plans have been contingent upon others' schedules and I am really worried that if I prolong these plans then nothing will happen.

I should remember that I am already 27, only 3 years shy from hitting 30. I have a feeling that after reaching 30, I will have more difficulty in traveling and discovering the world. I don't want to live life full of what if's and I am resolute to do what I have planned- to travel.

I'm only planning to travel for a couple of weeks and really discover the cultures of Indonesia and Thailand. I mean why not, if time and money will allow that then I should really go for it. 

And as I have mentioned, I can't wait anymore. I have to start planning already and start planning well. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

ARTICLE | Medical Health Care… or the Absence of It

In the Philippines, access to medical health care is synonymous to rain in Africa. For an individual to exert an effort to see a doctor means that the condition is in terminal case. Otherwise, the common Pinoy will opt to stay at home and ignore the symptoms of his unknown disease until too late.

My mother for instance would rather spare the family from what is considered “burden” from paying exorbitant medical fees, when they can use the money for food or other necessities. In other words, medical condition is the last priority in a common family.

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