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Communication Theories

Communication Process As Espoused by Laswell

Harold Laswell, proponent of the linear equation (e.g. the process has no feedback) stated his infamous process: who - says what - thru what channel - to whom - and with what effect. This process of communication aims to determine the significance of the source or sender, the message, the channel, the receiver and the effect that the message has as a whole.

The Transmission Model

The Transmission Model is easily defined as the most common paradigm and frequently used method of communication. According to this model, a sender may transfer meanings and the receiver shall process cognitively the meanings sent to him by the receiver. This model is highly used in information dissemination and propaganda.

Encoding and Decoding of Media Discourse : A Reception Model

The reception model reminds us that meanings are not only created by media sources but rather the receiver creates his own interpretation of the message. The location of this model is on the attribution and creation of meanings in the receiver. A message will be interpreted by a receiver depending on the receiver's context and culture.

The Meta Perception

The concept of meta perception based on Laing's Theory states that our experiences are based on our imagination, perception and memory. That is why we can imagine the future, perceive the present and recall the past. Moreover, one's communicative behaviour is largely shaped by one's perceptions (experiences) of the relationships with other communicators.

The Attribution Theory As It Affects Relationships Between People

Attribution theory aims to explain ways people infer causes for behaviour. This theory postulates three important factors: (1) People attempt to determine causes of behaviour, (2) People systematically asserts causes and (3) The attributed causes affect a perceiver's own feelings and needs.

From my old files, Qualitative Research 100, January 30, 2006

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