Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dante's Peak: Reasoning as God's Gift

"The capacity to know and understand things for reasoning is a gift from God."

Sometimes when people are cornered in the middle of urgency, they have to stand and know where they should be. This is the reason why God gifted us with the intellect and be higher than any form of animal.

The movie depicted a story of knowing what decision they should make which comes under conceptualism and judgment. Some of the officers in the movie tried their best to warn everybody. This warning was relayed to everybody and the only thing that the people had to do was to follow instructions and add some careful measures.

But reasoning did not force them to move and this resulted to the death of many citizens of the town when the mountain erupted. Some of the people though knew what to do so they managed to escape the perils of the eruption.

Lasly, God gave us the capacity to become aware. If we use this gift wisely then all of us will be saved and have counter measures when faced with adversities.

From my old files, Morality, June 21, 2001

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