Thursday, May 23, 2013

Filipino Affection

Of the three interpersonal needs of an individual (e.g. inclusion, control, and affection) affection occupies the Filipino mindset. This might be the reason why Filipinos are very personal and family oriented because they long to have someone to show them care and interest. Affection may easily be translated into "longing for love." Everything about love whether platonic, familial or romantic love, Filipinos love the feeling of having someone by their side and thinking that they will never be alone because there will always be someone to rely on. That is why once Filipinos make friends even if meeting those friends is just a matter of hours, they strive to win the acquaintance's approval. This is the impact Filipinos create in their society. In this regard, affection and the hope of winning as much love and attention , Filipinos have become polite, courteous and hospitable. These are the traits that foreigners easily recognize. This also sets Filipinos a stand out among other Asian nations. 

From my old files, Qualitative Research 100, January 30, 2006

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