Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Indian Philosophy

The Indian Philosophy focuses on the spiritual way of living and salvation of mankind. There are seven major beliefs in this philosophy which include: (1) Concentration on the spiritual; (2) Introspective attitude and introspective approach to reality; (3) Intimate relationship of religion and philosophy; (4) Monastic idealism; (5) Using reason but intuition as the only accepted method through which ultimate truth can be known; (6) Acceptance of authority to preserve tradition; and (7) Overall synthetic tradition/approach to reason and experience.

The spirit of the Indian Philosophy dwells on the spiritual way of life. In the same way, Buddhism advocates salvation of man's soul. The manifestation of Indian Philosophy on Buddhism is evident in man's enlightenment. For someone to experience enlightenment, it is not enough to know the truth. Rather, one must seek to experience the truth.


From my old files, Philosophy 10, July 28, 2004

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